US history


chapter 17: The conquest of the West

Gold and Silver

1850 - 1870

during this time period gold mines was majorly found in the US. the famous event is this was 1959 in Nevada's "Comstock lode" were price of gold was $4000/ ton. which lead to attract many people around the world. it also resulted into violence, fraud, greed and lost hopes.

homestead act


the government was being ambitious toward the economic growth so they were giving 160 acres of land to everyone for farming. to get benefit from this act a citizen should be at least 21 years old and not a rebellion against the government.

chinese exclusion act


this act was created because the number of chinese immigrants were repidly increasing on the east suthern boarder of US. so, the government pass this act to prevent further immigrants from china to enter in the US

Dawes Severalty Act


the government at the time wanted to civilized the natives. so they were offering 160 acres land to the head of each house hold for farming. they were given an option to choose their own land and the given period of time was 4 years.

chapter 18: An industrial Giant Emerges

Rise in economy

1859 - 1899

During this are the number of rail road wad rapidly increasing. side by side new invention such as electricity and telephone was also invented. moreover, new resources of steel, oil was also found which lead to economy from $1.8 billion in the year 1859 to $13 billion by the year 1899. a massive growth of 622% was noted during these years.


1865 - 1900

during this era, the industrial growth was on its pick so most of the businesses wanted to get the monopoly in the region or in the nation. so because of the internal fight between the businesses may of them declared as bankruptcy.

knights of labor formed


a national labor organization, formed in 1869, that promoted union solidarity, political reform and sociability among members.its advocacy of the eight-hour day led to violent stickers in 1886 and organization's subsequent decline.

American Federation of Labor

December 1886

a organization was found to create and find a skilled labor. the basic idea of established such institution was to help the industries grow with needed labor.

interstate Commerce ACT


this act allowing the states to create their own law against the good that weather the state government wanted to tax them or not

chapter 19: American Society in the Industrial Age.

Settlement houses

1880 - 1914

community center was founded by Jane Addans and Lillian Wald to Americanize immigrants families and provide them with social services and a political voice.

Foran Act


Foran act to prohibit the importation and migration of foreigners and aliens under contract or agreement to perform labor in the United States, its Territories, and the District of Columbia.this act provide protection to us manufacture and labor class people.

chapter 20: Intellectual and cultural trends in the late nineteenth century

Morrill Act


Under this act the federal land was given to the state government who wanted to established state universities to share knowledge.


1874 - 1920

Chautauqua was an adult education movement in the United States, highly popular in the late 19th century. it was created to get the adult educated and also at that time adult who wanted to match up with the industrial growth and wanted to work in the industries. this movement provided enough knowledge and education to work in the industries.

increase in number of Universities

1878 - 1898

during this year, number of universities increased about 350 to 500 and number of student were tripled.

chapter 21: From smoke-filled rooms to prairie wildfire:1877-1896

Pendleton Act


this act was created for the government jobs. for the individual position in the government job the candidate should be perfectly qualified. to prevent the corruption in the government jobs this law was made.

Civil Rights cases


this case the the supreme court declared the rights of 1875 unconstitutional and provide equal right to all citizens. Basically, it gives rights of equality to native and the blacks.

Atlanta Compromise


a social policy , propounded by black leader Booker t Washington, advocating that black concentration on learning useful skills rather than agitate over segregation,disfranchisement, and discrimination.