Henry Hudson's Life


Henry Hudson's Birth

Approx. September 12, 1565

Henry was born to Henry Herdson Hudson the second and Barbara Alderman.

Henry Leaves for His First Voyage

Approx. May 1, 1607 - Approx. September 15,1607

This voyage failed

Henry Marries Katherine Hudson

Approx. October of 1607

They had 3 children together.

Hudson Leaves For His Second Voyage


Another failure

Hudson Has Three Children

Approx. January of 1608 - Approx. December of 1608

They were all boys, whose names were Oliver, John, and Richard

Hudson Leaves For A Third Voyage

1609 - 1610

He found the Hudson Strait, but had to fill up on food

The Final Voyage

1610 - Approx. June 11, 1611

The Voyage ended for Hudson and 7 others because of a mutiny

The Mutiny

Approx. June 11, 1611

Hudson was never heard from again