Ancient Civilizations Ethan Johnson


The old kingdom

2700 B.C.E - 2000 B.C.E

it had a strong centralized government. This time period was known as the “Age of the pyramids”. They built these tombs for themselves for burial.

King Khufu

2551 B.C.E - 2528 B.C.E

What was this ruler’s greatest accomplishments? Pharaoh Khufu was known as the great pyramid builder. He established a centralized government that controlled the grain supply. He declared himself to be a god. He was the architect of the great pyramid of giza.

Akkadian empire

2300 B.C.E. - 2100 B.C.E.

The Akkadian military achievement of Sargon assembling large armies and teaching them how to fight in tight formations.This achievement was important because it helped Sargon win territory to expand his empire.

The middle kingdom

2000 B.C.E - 1800 B.C.E

Was very chaotic but Egyptians enjoyed many great achievements in literature art and agriculture.

Babylonian empire

1792 B.C.E. - 1595 B.C.E.

The Babylonian political achievement of code laws this achievement was important because it was used to unify his empire and to preserve.

Assyrian empire

900 B.C.E. - 612 B.C.E.

The Assyrian military achievement of perfecting the use of horses, iron weapons for battle, siege warfare. This achievement was important because they came up with new ways to push people out of lands they wanted to conquer.


605 B.C.E. - 539 B.C.E.

The Neo-Babylonian military achievement of building walls around Babylonia. This achievement was important because it kept the capital safe from invaders.