Ancient Civilizations-random phillps


Pharaoh Khufu

2528 b.c.e

Pharaoh khufu arsh known as the great pyramid builder. He was also sometimes thought be a harsh ruler. He esablish ed a strong central government that controlled the food supply strictly. He also declared himself as a god.

Pharaoh Senusret I

1971 BC - 1926 b.c

His greatest accomplishments were in religious architecture such as temples, shrines, and monuments. It was during his reign that jewelry became popular and the greatest Egyptian literature was recorded

Candragupta Maurya

320 bce - 301 bce

Founded the Mauryan empire.
Gave up his throne to become a Jainist monk.


184 bce - 233

the third emperor of the Maurya dynasty, is considered ancient India's greatest ruler. He combined the piety of a saint with the practical qualities of a king, and in the history of Buddhism he ranks second only to Buddha.

Candra Gupta I

320 - 330 CE

The suggestion that Chandra Gupta I conquered the Scythians is probably without foundation. Nor is it likely that he overcame the Licchavis by killing their king or that he was murdered by his heir.

candra gupta II

375 AD - 400 AD

gupta society reached its high point during his rule. under candra gupta2 the empire continued to grow, eventually stretching all the way across northern india.