Ancient Civilization/Da'Shon Stewart


old kingdom

2700 b.c.e. - 2200 b.c.e.

The old kingdom lasted for 2700 2200 b.c.e and was known as the age of pyramids They established a strong central government they had great pyramids built for themselves as tombs

Pharaoh Khufu

2551 b.c.e. - 2528 b.c.e.

Pharoah khufu was known as a harsh ruler. Some of his greatest accomplishments were being the archetect of a famous pyramid. Khifi was kniwn for establishing a centralized government and controlling the grain supply he also dedicated himself as a god

Akkadian Empire

2300 B.C.E. - 2100 B.C.E.

akkadians conquered the sumerian city-states around 2300 b.c.e.
there first leader was sargon.the akkadian military achievement of sargon assembling large armies teaching them how to fight in tight formations .This achievement as important because it helped sargon win territory to expand his empire

middle kingdom

2200 b.c.e - 1800 b.c.e.

The middle kingdom lasted 2000 b.c.e to 1800 b.c.e but it followed years of chaos it also had lot of art and achievements

pharaoh senusret

1972 b.c.e. - 1926 b.c.e.

was a strong leader who helped art thrive under his power an who also controlled the mines filled with gold

Babylonian Empire

1792 B.C.E. - 1595 B.C.E.

Babylonian political achievement of that the laws were to be made to qualify to everyone.Babylonian economic achievement of trade helped the empire's economy

new kingdom

1600 b.c.e. - 1100 b.c.e.

The new kingdom lasted 1600 to 1100 b.c.e it was called the golden age with peace while egypts was reaching its height of power

pharaoh ramses

1290 b.c.e. - 1224 B.C.E.

he was a master builder who also was a military leader and one of the most powerful pharaohs he was a fearless soldier for his young age

Assyrian Empire

900 B.C.E. - 612 B.C.E

the assyrian military achievement of perfecting the use of horses iron weapons for battle ,and siege warfare this achievement was important because they came up with new ways to push people out of lands they wanted to conquer
assyrian culture achievement of art and archit.this achievement was important was important because they created places and sculptures to honor this kings that they treated like god

Neo-Babylonian Empire

605 B.C.E. - 539 B.C.E.

the neo babylonian military achievement of building walls around babylonia.this achievement was important because it kept the capital safe from invaders

Candra Gupta II

400 B.C.E - 375 B.C.E

He stretched far northern and excelled in economy

Candra Gupta I

375 B.C.E - 320 B.C.E

Fighting to take land which made his empire spread

Candragupta Maurya

320 B.C.E

Founded the Mauryan empire.
Gave up his throne to become a Jainist monk.


270 B.C.E - 233 B.C.E

Made his kingdom bigger and richer