Ancient Civilization- La'amore weatherford


ancient egypt

3500 bc - 642

Akkadian EMPIRE

2300 BC - 2100 BC

Akkadians conquered the Sumerians city-states in 2300 B.C.E.

The Babylonian Empire

1792 BCE - 1595 BCE

the Babylonian political achievement of the code of Hammurabi that were laws.This achievement was important because the laws unified his empire to preserve order.

The Assyrian empire

900 BCE - 612 BCE

the Assyrian military achievement of perfecting the use of horse,iron weapons for battle,and siege warfare.This achievement was important because they came up with new ways to push people out of lands they wanted to conquered.

The neo- Babylonian

605 B.C.E - 526 B.C.E

the Neo-Babylonian military achievement of building walls around Babylonia.This achievement was important because it kept the capital safe from invaders.

Ancient Indian Empires

320 BCE - 185 BCE

There was a military leader named Chandragupta. He sword that he would not launch any more wars conquest