Ancient Civilizations-jezlin.johnson


Old kingdom

2700 B.C.E - 2200 B.C.E

his time period was known as the “ Age of the pyramids “. they built these pyramids as tombs for themselves for burial

akkadian empire

2300 B.C.E - 2100 B.C.E

This stele represents the Akkadian military achievement of sargon assembling large amerie's and teaching them how to fight and tight formations. This achievement was important because it helped sargon win territory to expand his empire.

Middle kingdom

2000 B.C.E - 1800 B.C.E

The middle kingdom lasted from 2000-1800 B.C.E. It is sometimes called the period of reunification. The Egyptians enjoyed many achievements.

The Babylonian empire

1792 B.C.E - 1595 B.C.E

This stele represents the Babylonian economic achievement of trade in grain and woven cloth for wood,gold silver precious gems ,and livestock. This achievement was important because it helped build

New kingdom

1600 B.C.E - 1100 B.C.E

The new kingdom lasted from 1600-1100 B.C.E. This is also Called the the “ Egyptians Golden Age.During this time they had ancient Egyptians power that reached its height.

assyrian empire

900 B.C.E - 612 B.C.E

This stele represents the Assyrian military achievement of perfecting the use horses,iron weapons for battle ,and siege warfare. This achievement was important because they came up with new ways to push people out of lands they wanted to conquer.

Neo-Babylonian EmpIre

605 B.C.E - 539 B.C.E

This stele represents the neo-Babylonian military achievement of ZuduChazzer knew that he had to keep the capital of city Babylonian safe.

Candra Gupta Il

375 B.C.E - 320 B.C.E

in 375 Emperor Candra Gupta II took the throne in india.

Mauryan Empire

320 B.C.E. - 301 B.C.E.

“ it included network of spies and a huge army of some 600,000 soldiers.the army also had thousands of war elephants and thousands of chariots.” “in 301 BC candragupta decided to become a Jainist monk. To do so,he had to give up his throne.


270 BCE - 233 BCE

After comverting to Buddhist, Asoka had the last time to resources to improve to lives of his people.

Candra Gupta I

320 AD - 375 AD

The Gupta rulers belong to the army.