ancient civilizations empire -antonia wright


old kingdom

2700 bce - 2200 bce

The old kingdom lasted from 2700-2200 b.c.e .this time period was known as the age of the pyramid. They built these pyramids at tombs for themselves for burial.during this time they established a strong centralized government.

pharaoh khufu

2551 bc - 2528 bc

Pharaoh khufu ruled from 2551-2528 b.c.e and was known as the archard of a famous pyramid. This pyramid was located in giza.some historians consider him to be a harsh ruler.he controlled all of the grain supply and created a centralized government.

akkadian empire

2300 b.c. - 2200 b.c.

The akkadians conquered the Sumerian city states 2300 B.C.E.Their first leader was sargon. They had great war strategies. For 1,200 years,sumer was a land of independent city-states.Then , around 2300 b.c.e ,The Akkaians came from northern Mesopotamia.They were led by a great king named sargon. sargon became the first ruler of the akkadian empire.

middle kingdom

2000 bce - 1800 bce

The middle kingdom lasted from 2000-1800 B.C.E. this time period is known as the period of reunification because it followed years of chaos.

pharaoh senusret

1971 Bc - 1926 Bc

Pharaoh senusret 1 greatest accomplishments were in religious architecture. He had many temples, shrines,and religious monuments.Another one of his accomplishments was the white chapel it was made of alabaster that is a hard white stone.he had beautiful artwork on the chapel's pillars.

Babylonian empire

1792 b.c.e - 1595 b.c.e

The next king to unite mesopotamia after the fall of the akkadian empire was hammurabi and his capital city was babylon.the babylonian economic achievement of the trade in grain and woven cloth for wood,gold,silver,precious,gems,and livestock.

new kingdom

1600 B.C. - 1100 B.C.

The new kingdom lasted from 2000-1800 B.C.E.this time period was known as egypt's golden age.They had massive monuments built

pharaoh hatshepsut

1473 b.c.e - 1458 b.c.e

One of pharaoh hatshepsut's greatest accomplishments was her rise to power since few women had ever became egyptian pharaohs.hatshepsut strengthened her position in many ways she filled her government with loyal advisers.she demanded the same respect as the male pharaohs.

pharaoh Ramses ||

1290 b.c.e - 1224 b.c.e

One of pharaoh ramses || greatest accomplishments was the temple complex at abu simbel.he demanded more monuments and temples built than any other pharaoh in history.when he died he was buried in the tomb that he had ordered workers to construct solely for him.his mummy is one of the best -preserved bodies ever found.

assyrian empire

900 b.c.e - 612 b.c.e

Assyria was located in mesopotamia to the north east of tigris river. The assyrian empire conquered lands from the east zagros mountains to the west nile river in egypt and to the north taurus mountains..the assyrian military achievement of perfecting the use of horses, iron weapons for battle,and siege warfare

Neo-Babylonian empire

605 b.c.e - 539 b.c.e

Their most famous king was Nebuchadnezzar ||.The military achievements of Neo-Babylonian was when they drove the egyptians out of syria and when the built a inner and outer wall.

Mauryan Dynasty

321 BCE - 185 BCE

Founded the Mauryan empire.
Gave up his throne to become a Jainist monk.


270 bce - 233 bce

Converting to buddhism,asoka had the time and resources to improve the lives of his people.

Candra Gupta I

320 - 375

Gupta kings built many hindu temples,some of which became models for later indian architecture.they also promoted a revival of hindu writings and worship practices.

Candra Gupta II

375 ad - 400 ad

Candra gupta II took throne in india.gupta society reached its high point during his rule.