Ancient Civilization- chandler boes


Old kingdom

2700 b.c.e. - 2200 b.c.e.

This period was known as the pyramid age .During the age they establish a strong government.They also built tombs. They built the tombs for them selves

Pharaoh kufu

2551 b.c.e. - 2528 b.c.e.

Not much was known Pharaoh Khufu was a harsh ruler. Who was known for built pyramids and controlled the food supplies . He created a stable central government he declared that he was a god .

Akkadian Empire

2300 b.c.e - 2100 b.c.e

The akkadians conq the summarens city state around 2300 b.c.e .he first leader was sargon sargon assemble large arimes And and taught how to fight in a tight formationown they have there own language and 3d sculptor there langue is important because evential their language took over the sumarines langues history

middle kingdom

2000 bce - 1800 bce

This period was known as the reunification period. They called it that because it followed many years of chaos. During this period they achieved high .In literature and art and artecher

Pharaoh senruser

1971 B.C.E. - 1926 B.C.E.

Well pharaoh senusret was known for his religious and architect achimenes. Because he had many temple built and improved when he was pharaoh . His best achievement was the white chapel.Some of Egypt most greatest literary achievements were during his time.


1792 b.c.e - 1595 b.c.e

harmbae laws are the laws that he made when he was king this achievements is import en because unfy his empire this is importen because
they got order of grains and wood gold silver from trade routes enomic achiments helped bulid re build the empire

Pharoah Hatshepsut

1773 b.c.e. - 1456 b.c.e.

rise of power. She also promoted trade and art flourished in the time of her reign .Loyal advies a stunning monument .the things the traders bring back traders brought back

new kingdom

1600 B.C.E - 1100 B.C.E

This period was known as the golden age .They called it this because of all the peace and stability. During this period Egypt reached it height . Pharaohs increased trade and had massive monuments built. They expanded in to now a days Sudan . Mediterranean sea .

pharoah rames

1290 b.c.e. - 1224 b.c.e

They made the first peace treaty between hitters and Egypt . one oh his greatest of achievement is the temple of abu simbil.He rein more then 60 years of most pharoaes and is known for his great military achievement and .He exeeded his power and had over a hundred wives and over a hundred children he had statues around Egypt .


900 b.c.e - 612 b.c.e.

the assyrain military achievement our expanding territories they had a big empire they could push people out of territory ther culture achiments our for building palace for there kings and gods they bulit aqaducts to brig water to the empire

Neo Babylon

605 b.c.e. - 539 b.c.e.

The achievements is important because Nebuchad drove egyptians out of egypt and conquer canaan taking jews and other captive city could invaders
This stele represents the Neo-Babylonian cultural because nebuched re bulit the ziggerugt with gardens and a watering system they

mauryan dynasty

320 bce - 185 bce

Candragupta Maurya

320 b.c. - 301 b.c

Founded and ruler the Mauryan empire.
Gave up his throne to become a Jainist monk.


270 b.c - 233 b.c

He conquered many places and extended it over most of India he was Buddhist he helped spread Buddhism he ruled Maryan Empire

Candra Gupta I

320 ad

Established a new dynasty he brought control over the lands of India promoted the revival of Hindu writing he ruled the Gupta empire

Candra Gupta II


Stretching across norther inda also has put the caste system into order he ruled the gupta empire