The History of Forensic Science by Gideon Bada


3rd century in China

Approx. 200

The earliest record of forensic science being applied came in this time period.

Guilt/Innocence under Torture

Approx. 1500 - Approx. 1600

People accused of crimes would be subject to torture. They believed that those who were guilty would confess and God would give those who were innocent the strength to resist the torture pains.

Carl W. Scheele (Swedish Chemist)


Devised a test for identifying Arsenic, also known as the inheritance powder in dead bodies

Valentin Ross


Discovered a more accurate method of detecting small amounts of Arsenic

Mathieu Orilla


Known as the father of Forensic Toxicology published an article on detecting poison and its effects

First Microscopic detection of sperm


Sperm was discovered in 1839

Toxicological Evidence


First use of toxicological evidence in a criminal trial


1850 - 1860

Allowed for more precise recording of Forensic History and cases

Presumptive Blood Testing


First presumptive test for blood was given

Bertillon's system


Alphonse Bertillon introduced this, also known as anthropometry, it was a system of identifying people based on physical appearance. At that time, it was known as the most accurate method of the identification of people.

Sherlock Holmes

1887 - 1893

One of the most influential fictional characters known for precise observation. His influence is similar to CSI shows today

Hans Gross


He was an austrian who published the first book of criminal investiagtion using Forensic Science. The book was called "Criminal Investigation"

Walter McCrone

1900 - 1999

He was known as the father of Modern Microscopy

ABO Blood typing


ABO blood typing was discovered by Karl Lansteiner in 1901

Will West Case


This case marked the end of anthropometry because it misidentified two men who had similar Bertillon's measurements.

Edmond Locard


Edmond Locard created the Locard's exchange principle. Edmond Locard also started the first known police crime lab

LAPD Crime Lab


In 1923, the Los Angeles Police department crime lab was established and it was the first in the United States

FBI National Laboratory


in 1932, the FBI National Laboratory was open under Director J. Edgar Hoover

FBI Forensic Science Research & Training Center


in 1981, the FBI Forensic science research and training center opens