Abraham Maslow first described his hierarchy of needs in “A Theory of Human Motivation” published in Psychological Review.


Maslow Becomes Tired of Behaviorism

1945 - 1950

Carl Rogers published Client-Centered Therapy, which described his humanistic, client-directed approach to therapy.


Maslow Complies List of 125 Future Humanistic Psychologists

1954 - 1955

Abraham Maslow and other psychologists held meetings to develop a professional organization devoted to a more humanist approach to psychology. They agreed that topics such as self-actualization, crea


American Association of Humanistic Psychologists Founded

1960 - 1963

Journal of Humanistic Psychology Founded

1960 - 1963

The American Association for Humanistic Psychology was formed and the Journal of Humanistic Psychology was established.


Maslow published Toward a Psychology of Being, in which he described humanistic psychology as the “third force” in psychology. The first and second forces were behaviorism and psychoanalysis respectiv


Sonoma State College Forms First Humanistic Masters Program

1966 - 1967

Maslow Officially Announces Humanistic Psychology As A Third Option

1968 - 1969

First Undergraduate Program In Humanistic Psychology Formed

1969 - 1970