Main Points in Amazon History


Jeff Bezos started working on Amazon business plan


Amazon Is Incorporated

July, 1994

Web-Site Is Launched; Amazon Sells Its First Book

July, 1995

Associate Program Is Launched

July, 1996

Amazon Goes Public On NASDAQ Under AMZN Ticker

May, 1997

Acquisition of IMDB, Telebook and Bookpages

April, 1998

Launch of First International Sites:,

October 1998

Launch of Amazon Auctions

March 1999

Acquisition of Alexa Internet

june 1999

Jeff Bezos Is Time's "Person of the Year"

december 1999

Launch of

august 2000

Launch of

november 2000

Launch of

June 2002

Amazon WebServices Are Launched

july 2002

Launch of subsidiary


Launch of Lab126 Subsidiary


Acquisition of Ltd

September 2004

Launch of Amazon Simple Storage Servise

march 2006

Voted #1 in Customer Service in USA

november 2006

Launch of brand


Launch of Brilliance Audio Brand


Launch of Amazon Kindle E-book Reader

november 2007

Acquisition of AbeBooks

december 2008

Launch of Amazon Kindle 2

february 2009

Introducing of Kindle DX

may 2009

New Generation Kindle Is Introduced

july 2010

Sales of E-books for Kindle Readers Outnumber Sales of Hard Copies


Launch of Amazon CloudDrive

march 2011

Kindle Fire Tablet is Intoduced

september 2011

Intoducing of Amazon Glacier Web Storage Servise

August 2012