history of forensic science


no forensic science was used

Approx. 1 AD - Approx. 1700 AD

people would be tortured if you confessed you were killed and if you did not you were probably killed during the torture as they believed that if you were innocent god would give you the strength to survive

earliest record of forensic science

Approx. 300 AD - Approx. 1775

burned pigs to see if the women killed her husband and burned the body or if he died due to the fire

Carl W Scheele

Approx. 1775 - Approx. 1900

devised a test for detecting arsenic in corpes

Valentin Ross

1806 - Present

discovered more precise methods to detect more small amount of arsenic

mathieu orfilla

1814 - Present

"father of toxicology' published article on detecting poisons and there effects

polarizing microscope invented

1828 - Present

allowed for the discovery of more physical evidence

1st use of toxicology evidence in court


1st use of toxiocology evidence in court trial

sperm dection

1839 - Present

first microscopic dectection of sperm


1850 - 1860

photographs allowed for accurate recording



1st presumpitive test for blood

Alphonse Berillion

1879 - 1903

was a system of identifying people by there physical appearance by measuring everything. was considered the most accurate for 20 years

sherlock holmes

1887 - 1893

wrote Sherlock Holmes a fictional character who solves crimes by deduction

jack the ripper


jack the ripper terrorized london

criminal investiation


Han Gross published the first book on criminal investigation

medical advancements

1900 - Present

allowed ME's to determine cause of death

ABO blood typing


abo blood typing discovered by karl landstiener

will west

1903 - Present

they realized that people could have near identical faces and realized that they needed another way and stopped using Alphonse Bertillion method

questioned documents


published by albert osborn

locards exchange principle

1913 - Present

When 2 objects come into contact with each other, a cross‑
transfer of materials occurs that can connect a criminal 
suspect to the victim or the crime scene.  Locard also started 
the irst known police crime lab

first usa crime lab

1923 - Present

Los Angeles PD Crime Lab

Berkeley Criminalistics  Department


lead by Paul Berkeley

FBI National Laboratory

1932 - Present

Director J. Edgar 

FBI Forensic Science Research & Training Center opens

1981 - Present

Walter Mcrone

2000 - Present

father of modern microscopy