Mauricio Timeline


Pre-history mesopotamia Neandertal

200,000 BCE - 35,000 BCE

subspecies of archaic humans that went extinct

Pre-history people Cro-Magnon

14000 BCE - 10000 BCE

The first early modern humans

Pre-history events Agricultural Rev.

8000 BCE - 3000 BCE

Period of technological improvements and crop productivity

Pre-history people pastoralists

8000 BCE

Sheep or cattle farmers

Pre-history events Catal Huyuk

7500 BCE - 5700 BCE

proto-city settlement in southern Anatolia

pre-history events bronze

4000 BCE

an alloy consisting of copper made for swords

Egypt Menes

3100 BCE

Pharaoh of the early dynastic period of ancient Egypt

Egypt old kingdom

2685 BCE - 2134 BCE

the art period of Eygpt where all the artistic accomplishments happend

india Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro

2500 BCE - 1900 BCE

The two greatest city in the Indus river valley

Pre-history people Sargon

2370 BCE - 2343 BCE

The first ruler of the Akkadian empire, Known for his conquest of the Sumerians city-states

China Xia dynasties

2070 BCE - 1600 BCE

The first dynasty in China but people think that it is fake

Egypt middle kingdom

2050 BCE - 1800 BCE

The reunification of Egypt under Mentuhotep 2nd to the end of the 12th dynasty happen in the middle kingdom

Pre-history events Epic of Gilgamesh

2000 BCE

The epic poem from ancient Mesopotamia

Pre-history people Abraham

1880 BCE

Patriarch of the three Abrahamic religions, founding father of the covenant

Pre-history people Hammurabi

1792 BCE - 1750 BCE

The sixth king of Babylon created Hammurabi's code

china shang dynasty

1600 BCE - 1046 BCE

The second dynasty after the Xia, created the mandate of heaven

Egypt new kingdom

1550 BCE - 1070 BCE

Egyptian period is known as the Egyptian empire

Pre-history events iron

1300 BCE

element used to replace bronze

china zhou dynasty

1046 BCE - 256 BCE

This is the longest lasting dynasty in China and after its fall the warring states emerged

Classical China Laozi

604 BCE - 531 BCE

founder of Daoism

Perisa Cyrus

600 BCE - 530 BCE

Cyrus was the founder of the Achaemenid empire

Classical china Confucius

551 BCE - 479 BCE

Chinese teacher that founded Confucianism

Persia Darius

550 BCE - 486 BCE

Darius the first was the third ruler of the Persian Achaemenid empire

Achaemeind empire

550 BCE - 330 BCE

The first Persian empire

Greece Pericles

494 BCE - 429 BCE

general of Athens during the golden age

Greece Plato

427 BCE - 347 BCE

Founder of the academy in Athens

Greece Socrates

399 BCE

one of the Founders of western philosophy

Greece Aristotle

384 BCE - 322 BCE

Greek philosopher

Classical china Mencius

372 BCE - 289 BCE

most famous Chinese Confucian after Confucius

Greece Alexander the great

356 BCE - 323 BCE

king of Macedon

Classical China Qin Shihuangdi

259 BCE - 210 BCE

founder of the Qin dynasty and first emperor of a unified China

Classical china qin dynasty

221 BCE - 206 BCE

shortest dynasty but one of the most influential from cast iron to the construction of the great wall

Classical China Han dynasty

206 BCE - 220 CE

The dynasty that split up into two parts the former Han and the later Han

Rome julius caesar

100 BCE - 44 BCE

The rise of the Roman empire first dictator of Rome

Rome Augustus Caesar

63 BCE - 14 CE

the first ruler of Rome

Rome Jesus

4 BCE - 28 CE

head of a religious group

classical china Ban Zhao

45 CE - 116 CE

first Chinese female historian

Rome Trajan

98 CE - 117 CE

Roman emperor

Rome Constantine

274 CE - 337 CE

a roman ruler who converted to Christianity