Universal Timeline

World Powers


1600 BCE - 633 BCE


633 BC - 539 BC


539 BC - 331 BC


331 BC - 30 BC

Rome [And Its Empire(s)]

30 BC - 1914 CE


1914 - 2012

League of Nations

1919 - 1939

United Nations

1945 - 2012

Events related to Jehovah's people

Jehovah Sets Limit for Pre-Flood Society (120 Years)

2490 BCE

Ark Building

2425 BC - 2370 BC

Start of construction unknown, thought to be between 50 and 60 years.


The Flood

2370 BC - 2369 BC

There was an incessant torrential downpour for “forty days and forty nights”; “the waters continued overwhelming the earth” a hundred and fifty days. (Ge 7:4, 12, 24)

Five months after the downpour began, the ark “came to rest on the mountains of Ararat.” (Ge 8:4)

It was nearly two and a half months later before “the tops of the mountains appeared” (Ge 8:5), another three months before Noah removed the ark’s covering to see that the earth had practically drained (Ge 8:13), and nearly two months later when the door was opened and the survivors set foot on dry ground once again.—Ge 8:14-18.

Noah and his family entered the ark in the 600th year of Noah’s life, the 2nd month (October-November), the 17th day.

(Ge 7:11) One year later (a year consisting of 360 days) was the 17th day, 2nd month, 601st year. Ten days after that would be the 27th day of the 2nd month, when they came out.

This totaled of 370 days, or parts of 371 separate days, spent in the ark. (Ge 8:13, 14)

In the log that Noah kept, it appears he used months of 30 days each, 12 of them equaling 360 days. In this way he avoided all the complicated fractions involved had he used strictly lunar months consisting of slightly more than 29 1⁄2 days. That such calculations were used in the account is evident from the fact that a five-month period consisted of 150 days

Passover; Israelites leave Egypt; End of 400 years of affliction

1513 BCE

Mosaic Law Covenant Initiated

1513 BCE

Tabernacle Construction Compleated

1512 BCE

The Devision of the Kingdom

997 BC

Launch of Global Preaching Campaign


The first major convention that the BIble Students held after World War I in Cedar Point, Ohio, U.S.A.

The gathering was attended by some 7,000 and was marked by the launching of a global preaching campaign.

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise!!!


Cedar Point, Ohio, U.S.A

A nine-day convention featured the dramatic impetus by Joseph F. Rutherford to "Herald the message far and wide. The world must know that Jehovah is God and that Jesus Christ is King of kings and Lord of lords. This is the day of all days. Behold, the King reigns! Therefore advertise, advertise, advertise, the King and his kingdom."

Bible Students Re-named as Jehovah's Witnesses


In 1931 the International Bible Students took the Bible-based name Jehovah’s Witnesses based on Isaiah 43:10

In the 1920’s the Bible Students became increasingly aware of the deep significance of God’s name, Jehovah. Then, on July 26, 1931, at a convention in Columbus, Ohio, the Society’s president, Joseph F. Rutherford, presented a resolution entitled “A New Name.” The words, “We desire to be known as and called by the name, to wit, Jehovah’s witnesses,” thrilled the conventioners, who approved the resolution with a resounding “Aye!” Since then, Jehovah’s name has gained worldwide prominence

"Other Sheep" Identified


In 1935 the “great crowd” of Revelation 7:9-15 was understood to be made up of “other sheep,” Christians with an earthly hope, who would appear on the world scene in “the last days” and who as a group would survive Armageddon.

Neutrality Emphasized


During 1939, World War II started in Europe. In that same year, the November 1 issue of The Watchtower contained an article entitled “Neutrality.”

“All who are on the Lord’s side will be neutral as to warring nations.” Jehovah’s Witnesses in all nations and under all circumstances continue to hold to this position. They do not allow the world’s divisive politics and wars to break up their international brotherhood. They “beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning shears.” Being neutral, they do not learn war anymore.

TMS Introduced/Inaugurated


In February 1942, it was announced that the “Advanced Course in Theocratic Ministry” would be started. It was designed to train those at Bethel in order to improve their ability to do research on Bible subjects, properly organize their material, and present it effectively.

Rutherford Dies


On January 8, 1942, Joseph Rutherford, who had been taking the lead among Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide, died. Five days later the directors of the Society elected Brother Knorr to succeed him.

When W. E. Van Amburgh, the Society’s longtime secretary-treasurer, announced this to the Bethel family, he said: “I can remember when C. T. Russell died [in 1916] and was replaced by J. F. Rutherford. The Lord continued to direct and prosper His work. Now, I fully expect the work to move ahead with Nathan H. Knorr as president because this is the Lord’s work, not man’s.”

Gilead Began


...watch this space

"Scarlet-Colored Wild Beast” Identified


In 1942, in the midst of World War II, Nathan H. Knorr delivered the thrilling discourse “Peace—Can It Last?” In it, he identified the “scarlet-colored wild beast” of Revelation 17 and indicated that there would still be much preaching to do after the war.

WBBR Launched

1945 - 1957

1945 Marked the beginning of Bible Lectures being broadcast across our very own radio station, New York.

Sanctity of Blood Clarified


In the wake of World War II, during which it had become standard practice to treat wounded soldiers with blood transfusions, there was increased light on the sanctity of blood.

The July 1, 1945, issue of The Watchtower encouraged “all worshipers of Jehovah who seek eternal life in his new world of righteousness to respect the sanctity of blood and to conform themselves to God’s righteous rulings concerning this vital matter.”

NWT Received


At an international convention in New York City in 1950, the audience was delighted to receive the New World Translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures, the first installment of a modern-language Bible that restored God’s name to its rightful place in his Word

Tobacco Use Eliminated


The Watchtower of June 1, 1973, explained that from that time forward, an individual would need to quit smoking before he could be baptized and become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

In1973 the use of tobacco was seen as a “defilement of flesh” and was to be viewed as serious wrongdoing.

7,402 Baptized


1993 “Divine Teaching” International Convention in Kiev, Ukraine, where 7,402 were immersed—the largest baptism of Jehovah’s Witnesses on record.

Bible Characters

Adam Created

4026 BC - 3096 BC

Birth of Seth

3896 BCE


3339 BCE - 2370 BCE


3152 BC - 2375 BC

Father to Noah


2970 BC - 2020 BC

Japeth (Son of Noah)

2470 BC - 1868 BC

Unknown time of death

Means: "May He grant ample space"

Shem (Son of Noah)

2468 BC - 1868 BC

Ham (Son of Noah)

2466 BC - 1868 BC

Unknown time of death and birth

Born after 2470 BCE, "possibly the youngest".



2018 BC - 1843 BC

Abraham was the tenth generation from Noah through Shem (Lives Overlapped 150 years), 352 years after the Flood.


2008 BC - 1881 BC

Abraham and Sarah's name is changed

1919 BC


1918 BC - 1738 BC

Job's Trials and Death

1613 BC - 1473 BC


1597 BCE - 1474 BCE

A son of Amram and Jochebed of the tribe of Levi, born in Egypt in 1597 B.C.E. Levi was Aaron’s great-grandfather. (Ex 6:13, 16-20) Miriam was his elder sister, and Moses was his younger brother by three years. (Ex 2:1-4; 7:7) Aaron married Elisheba, daughter of Amminadab, and had four sons, Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar, and Ithamar. (Ex 6:23) He died in 1474 B.C.E. at the age of 123 years

Bible Writers/Prophets


3404 BC - 3039 BC


1593 BCE - 1473 BCE

“Man of the true God,” leader of the nation of Israel, mediator of the Law covenant, prophet, judge, commander, historian, and writer. (Ezr 3:2) Moses was born in 1593 B.C.E., in Egypt, being the son of Amram, the grandson of Kohath, and the great-grandson of Levi. His mother Jochebed was Kohath’s sister. Moses was three years younger than his brother Aaron. Miriam their sister was some years older.


1543 BCE - 1433 BCE

Bible Book Writing Periods

Genisis Compleated

1513 BC

Exodus Compleated

1513 BC

Leviticus Compleated

1512 BC

Numbers Compleated

1473 BC

Job Compleated

1473 BC

Deuteronomy Compleated

1473 BC

Joshua Compleated

1450 BC

Judges Compleated

1100 BC

Ruth Compleated

1090 BC

1 Samuel Compleated

1078 BC

2 Samuel Compleated

1040 BC

Song of Soloman Compleated

1020 BC

Ecclesiasties Compleated (b)

1000 BC

Jonah Compleated

844 BC

Joel Compleated (?)

820 BC

Amos Compleated

804 BC

Hosea Compleated

745 BC

Isaiah Compleated (a)

732 BC

Proverbs Compleated

717 BC

Micah Compleated

717 BC

Zephaniah Compleated

648 BC

Nahum Compleated

632 BC

Habukkuk Compleated (?)

628 BC

Lamentations Compleated

607 BC

Obadiah Compleated

607 BC

Ezekial Compleated

591 BC

Jeramiah Compleated

580 BC

1&2 Kings Compleated (1 roll)

580 BC

Daniel Completed

536 BC

Haggai Compleated

520 BC

Zechariah Compleated

518 BC

Esther Compleated

475 BC

1&2 Chronicles Compleated (1 roll)

460 BC

Ezra Compleated

460 BC

Psalms Compleated

460 BC

Nehimiah Compleated (a)

443 BC

Malachi Compleated (a)

443 BC

Matthew Compleated

41 CE

1 Thessalonians Compleated

50 CE

Galatians Compleated

50 CE - 52 CE

2 Thessalomians Compleated

51 CE

1st & 2nd Corinthians Compleated

55 CE

Luke Compleated

56 CE - 58 CE

Romans Compleated

56 CE

Philemon Compleated

60 CE - 61 CE

Colossians Compleated

60 CE - 61 CE

Mark Compleated

60 CE - 65 CE

Ephesians Compleated

60 CE - 61 CE

Philipians Compleated

60 CE - 61 CE

Titus Compleated

61 CE - 64 CE

1 Timothy Compleated

61 CE - 64 CE

Hebrews Completed

61 CE

Acts Compleated

61 CE

James Compleated (b)

62 CE

1 Peter Compleated

62 CE - 64 CE

2 Peter Compleated

64 CE

Jude Compleated

65 CE

Revelation Compleated

96 CE

1,2 & 3 John Compleated

98 CE

John Compleated

98 CE

Biblical Events

<<<<<<< Cain Slays Able

3896 BCE

Tower of Babel Built

2269 BC

Abrahamic Covenant is Made

1943 BCE

Abram and Sari Married

1878 BCE

Moses Flees to Midian (offers himself as deliverer)

1553 BCE

Jehovah Commisions Moses (Burning Bush)

1514 BCE

Red Sea Deliverence

1513 BCE

Appointed Times of The Nations

607 BCE - 1914 CE

Kings of Israel


1473 BCE - 1447 BCE


1117 BC - 1077 BC


1077 BC - 1037 BC


1037 BC - 977 BC

Jehu (Israel)

909 BCE - 881 BCE

Queen Athaliah (Judah)

909 BCE - 903 BCE

World Events

Pharonaic Rule of Egypt Begins

2700 BCE

Hinduisim Emerges

1500 BCE

First Recorded Olympic Games

776 BCE

Taoisim & Confucianisim Appear

600 BCE

Buddhist Era Begins in India

543 BCE

Greek Septuegint Translation Begins

280 BCE

Destruction of Pompeii

79 CE


April 26 570 - June 8 632


1095 - 1272

Celibacy decreed on Clergy