11 june 1998

Dayanna was born in Bogotá

Living in Carimagua

12 june 1998 - 2009

immediately, she started living in Carimagua at her grandmother's house; where she lived for 11 years with her complete family.


january 2002 - November 2004

She studied her kindergarden years at "Muñecos y figuras" close to her grandma's house. Right there, she had learned the basics and she had enrolled in swimming classes before she achieved the senior year.

Primary and highschool

2005 - 2015

In 2005 she applied to "Liceo manantial de vida eterna", where she was accepted; that's why she had studied there the whole school program, while getting involved with the psychology major

Sister's birth

mars 2010

In this year, her sister was born. Scilicet, she's nowadays 7 years old

Trip to Orlando

june 5 2013 - june 19 2013

As a gift for her 15th birthday, Dayanna, her parents, and her sister, went to Orlando and Miami. There, they had been visiting Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, and all the most interesting places available, for one week and a half, when they decided to go to Bahamas on a cruise to close the trip, and that's exactly what they did.

Volleyball team

2014 - 2015

Dayanna was part of the school's volleyball team during the two senior years of highschool



Recently, Dayanna's parents bought her a cocker spaniel puppy, which she named Marley. Her dad had always rejected the idea of having a pet home, but at the end he changed his mind and made Marley a new member of the family.

Learning english

2016 - 2017

When she graduated from school, she decided to sign up for english classes before going to the university; so she has been studying this language at the Colombo for two years.

Applying to the university

january 2017 - September 2017

Dayanna has never been rejected by an university, even though, she looked for information about Javeriana's school program, before deciding to apply to Konrad Lorenz's psychology major. As she has been accepted, she will start studying there next year, hoping to graduate in 2022.

Future plans

December 2017

Finally, Dayanna would like to live and work abroad in the future, she had thinked about Canada, or Australia, countries in which she will make up her life in order to come back to Colombia just for vacation and family visits. However, if she doesn't achieve those plans, she would like to work at the DAS in the forensic psychology field.