The Indus River Valley civilization begins to develop.

2500 BC

This is when the earliest Hindu practices began.

The Vedas are written, and the Vedic Age begins.

1500 BC

The Vedic Age

1500 BC - 500 BC

The major Upanishads are written.

800 BC

The Upanishads introduce central ideas of modern Hinduism like reincarnation and karma.

The Epic, Puranic and Classic Age

500 BC - 500

The Epics and Puranas, major Hindu texts, are written.

500 BC

The Maurya Empire is founded.

320 BC

Hinduism is introduced as the empire's major religon.

The Gupta Empire is founded.


The empire brings a time of peace and prosperity. In this time Hinduism stabilizes and spreads.

The Medieval Period

500 - 1500

The Gupta Empire falls.


The Pre-Modern Period

1500 - 1757

The British East India Trading Company gets trading rights in India.


British influence in India grows.

The British Period

1757 - 1947

India falls under British control.


Gandhi starts a campaign against the British rule over India.


India is granted its independence.