Sports are Life


First T-Ball Game

April 1999

My first game as part of a real "team" at 4 years old I was on the Devil Rays, which shows how long it's been since I played because the Devil Rays are simply the Rays now.

My first "Homerun"

May, 1999

Although it was T-ball I still remember this day because I hit a ball off the Tee that made it all the way to the outfield and I ran home to score, this is when I learned I could be pretty good at this game

First Soccer Game 6U

September 2000

Five years old playing in my first game as part of a soccer team, my favorite part was the orange slices at half time

First Soccer "Goal"

September 2000

I do not remember the actual exact day, but I remember being on the Revolution and scoring the first goal of the game by running down the tiny field and dribbling the ball into the small net which lucky for me had no goalie in it.

First Indoor Soccer Game

December 2000

Because I am from Massachusetts, it is impossible to play soccer year round so my Dad and my best friends dad entered us into a Indoor soccer league in hopes to develop skills for the future.

My Baseball Team Wins Riverside Bradford Tournament

July 2002

My "All Star" team who were hand selected players voted by the league participated in a tournament in Bradford, MA and I remember it clearly because of the fact that we won

My Indoor Soccer Team Wins the Tournament

December 2003

In third grade, my indoor soccer team really started to make a name for ourselves and started winning games and eventually we won medals by going on to defeat Marblehead, MA in the finals.

My First Time On a Basketball Team

January, 2005

In 5th grade I decided to start playing basketball in the winter because the friends I had made through baseball and soccer heavily influenced my decision to play football

Quitting Soccer to Play Football

September 2007

One of the hardest decisions I had to make in my sporting career was in 7th grade when I decided to give up soccer which I loved to take on football which would allow me to get out more anger and aggressiveness

Winning a League Award for Football

November 2008

In 8th grade I was nominated with two other players on my team to receive the youth league all star award that was handed out to the "best" players on every youth team

Playing Freshman Baseball, Football and Basketball

2009 - 2010

This was the only year I played all three sports, after numerous things, I ended up playing and falling in love with football so I stuck to that.

Thanksgiving Game My Senior Year

November 2014

Although there are several football memories in my career, this is the final game and best memory I have during high school. On the last drive of the game, I forced a fumble while playing safety to give us a chance and we went on to win on a last second game winning field goal.

I Join the Rugby Team at Plymouth State

September 2015

I have always loved football, but the idea of playing rugby intrigued me and I have not looked back since. Currently, I still play and start for the team.