Religion Timeline


Abraham was born

Approx. 1948 BCE

Abraham, father of Isaac, helped to form JUdaism

Abraham forms a covenant with God

Approx. 1713 BCE

God promises Abraham and his descendants a nation

Aryans come to the Indus River Valley

Approx. 1600 BCE

The Aryans conquered the Indus River Valley and brought Sanskrit and other religious influences for HInduism

Vedic Age

Approx. 1500 BCE - Approx. 1200 BCE

The Vedic Age provided for the fundamentals of Hinduism. Many of the basic ideas in Hinduism were put together in this time.

Rig Veda

Approx. 1500 BCE

The most influential Vedas is written.

Moses brings the Jews out of Egypt

Approx. 1280 BCE

Moses takes the Jews out of enslavement, sets up the ten commandments, and creates a new covenant with God

Upanishads written in India

Approx. 800 BCE

The Upanishads were interpretations of past Aryan writings which states the fundamentals of HInduism

The first Jewish diaspora began

Approx. 722 BCE

After the Jewish people were conquered, they were displaced and left Israel

Brahmanas written

Approx. 700 BCE

The Brahmanas were written and established the significance of priests and sacrifice

The Bible was written

Approx. 600 BCE

The most influential piece of literature came to be and was honored by the Jewish people.

Siddhartha Gautama is born

566 BCE

The founder and Buddha is Siddhartha Gautama.

Birth of Confucius

551 BCE

Confucius is the founder of the set of teachings and philosophies known as Confucianism.

Gautama achieves Enlightenment

527 BCE

Gautama achieves the state of enlightenment that many Buddhists attempt to achieve. Enlightenment also helps Buddha create his own set of beliefs

Analects are written

520 BCE

The Analects teach on social law and manner. The book is written by Confucius.

Buddhism is founded

500 BCE

Buddha spreads his beliefs and teaches his philosophies.

Birth of Lao-Tzu

500 BCE

Lao- Tzu is the founder of Daoism

Torah becomes more accepted

Approx. 450 BCE

The Jewish holy book becomes more credited and thought of as a Scripture

Tao Te Ching was published

450 B.C

Tao Te Ching is a sacred text in Daoism

Zhuangzi influences Daoism

369 bc - 286 bc

Zhuangzi was a very recognized member of Daoism who furthered the religion

Mencius diffuses Confucianism

330 BCE

Mencius spreads the teachings through China as a ruler.

Mauryan Empire diffuses Hinduism

Approx. 320 BCE

The Mauryan Empire makes Hinduism a major religion, until King Ashoka's rule

Ramayana is written

Approx. 300 BCE

Ramayana, a Hindu epic, still influencing Hinduism today, is composed

King Asoka spreads Buddhism

263 BCE

The King converts to Buddhism, then spreads it throughout India

Wang Bi influences Confucianism

226 BCE

Wang Bi fuses some ideas of Daoism with Confucianism

Mahayana Buddhism came to be

200 BCE

Mahayana Buddhism is a denomination that speaks of Enlightenment happening in one life

Concept of Yin and Yang comes to be

200 BCE

The balance of light and dark and good and evil is emphasized on.

Christ was born

Approx. 4 BCE

The founder of Christianity was born in Bethleham

Christ's Crucification

Approx. 30 CE

Christ dies for being an enemy of Rome

Christ's Resurrection

Approx. 32 CE

Christ comes back to life and is thought to be the Messiah.

New Testaments

52 CE

The New Testaments replace the Old Testaments and Christians abide by it

Destruction of Jerusalem

Approx. 70 CE

Jerusalem is destroyed along with the second Temple

Book of Revelation

95 CE

The Book of Revelation deals with the world and the inevitability of an end to it.

Buddhism diffuses to China

100 CE

Buddhism goes from India to China, where it is still practiced today.

Daoism is officially an organized religion

141 CE

Zhang Daoling preaches Daoism more, to the point to where it is recognized as an organized religion.

Middle Way is written

200 CE

Philosopher Nargarjuna writes the Middle Way to outline Buddhist principles

Confucianism fades

210 CE

The Han Dynasty collapses, causing more people to turn away from Confucianism

All Confucian texts are burned

212 CE

Literature is burned, including all Confucian texts

460 Confucian Scholars slaughtered

213 CE

The First Emperor kills many Confucian Scholars for criticism him

Daoism is the major Chinese religion

220 CE

Confucianism fades more and followers of the faith turn to Daoist principles

Christian persecution under Decius and Valerius

250 AD - 260 AD

Roman emperors tortured and killed many Christian leaders and dehumanized the faith.

Christianity is accepted

Approx. 313 CE

Emperor Constantine becomes a Christian, and helps write the edict of Milan.

Daoism fades in China

490 CE

Buddhism surpasses Daoism in followers inside of China