Alexander The Great


Philip 11

Approx. 359 BC - Approx. 336 BC

Philip ll is ruler of Macedonia

Alexander The Great is Born

Approx. July 356 BC

Philip is in Control of Greece

338 BC

He attacked Northern Greece which had been weakened by the Peloponnesian War

Philip 11 is Killed

336 BC

He is murdered by a bodyguard and Alexander The Great becomes King

Alexander Cross to Antolia

334 BC

His/His father's goal was to conquer the Persian Empire, and he won the battle of Granicus

Alexander fights Darius

Approx. November 333 BC

Darius had a larger army, but Alexander used the Phalanx method, and when Darius fled, Alexander captured his wife and children.

Expanding His Empire

332 BC - 323 BC

Battle of Guagamela

October 1st, 331 BC

Alexaner fought Darius again, but this time Darius died, and Alexander became the King of Persia

Alexander The Great's Death

June 323 BC

On his way home from making his empire larger, he got ill and he died in Babylon. He was 32 years old.