Period 2 Chronological Modeling -b


Elizabeth I & Protestantism


pg24 Encouraged by Elizabeth I, the English seized Spanish treasure ships and Spanish settlements in the new world.

Raleigh - Roanoke Island


pg25 Raleigh reached Roanoke Island on the coast of North Carolina. But this colony failed.

Pilgrims sailed to Plymouth Bay


pg42 A group of Puritan Separatists negotiated with the Virginia Company to settle in the New World. They went onboard Mayflower with non-Separatists but eventually arrived at New England.

Royal authority creates Dominion of New England


pg49 Unlike the new-formed New England Confederation, the Dominion of New England was imposed by the authority back in London. The colonies resisted against the new Dominion.

King William's War

1689 - 1697

pg100 Britain vs. France

Queen Anne's War

1702 - 1713

pg100 Britain vs. France

War of Jerkins's Ear


pg101 Britain vs. Spain

King George's War

1744 - 1748

pg102 Britain vs. Spain Meanwhile in Europe, the War of Austrian Succession.

French and Indian War (Seven Years War)

1756 - 1763

pg104 Britain vs. France. French wasted much strength in the European bloodshed so their force was weak in the new world.

Battle of Québec


pg107 Britain vs. French. Monteréal fell in 1760. Peace settlement in Paris (1763), French power thrown out of N. America.