My Financial Life


New House

June, 2004

In 2004 we moved into a new house which is where we live currently. My dad had it built because he wanted to move her for good after retiring from 15 years in the NHL so he had a pretty solid income. Although years later he obviously didn't manage his money very well because he would mention how he was running out and didn't have a lot left

First Money Made

Approx. June, 2007

My family took a vacation to Disney World every year and my parents would tell us if we spent all day in the garden with them, planting and cleaning up flowers and weeding we would all get $100 to spend while we were down there on games and rides and things

Report Card

Approx. September, 2009

My grandma had sent us all a back to school letter saying that for each A we got she would give us $10, for Each B $5 and nothing for anything lower. So that gave us all as kids good ncentive to do well in school because we would get paid for working hard in school.

Birthday Card

February, 2010

I probably got money in birthday cards before this but I remember this vividly because my Grandma and uncle sent me one card between the both of them which was a total of $80. To me this was unreal because I was 10, and I thought $80 could buy me anything and it just made my whole birthday, I went out and bought a video game and new pair of shoes with it

Cutting the grass

Approx. June, 2012

The start of my summer in 2012 my dad had taught me how to cut the grass. He would pay me $20 for overtime I did so I was always excited to cut the lawn. Now its not as fun because I don't get anything for it :(


Approx. October, 2014

When I was 14 my dad would take me and my brother to a couple of his buddies houses or camps to help take their docks out of the water, we would each made $20 for each dock we took out so that was a pretty good gig not having had a job yet

Shoveling Roofs

December, 2015 - Approx. February, 2016

I remember going with my friend when he got offered to go shovel roofs for people he knew and he would take me with him and some of them would take hours but usually we would make $50 each and one roof took us about 4-5 hours and we made $100 which I did not expect it was hard work though

Scratch Off

April, 2016

For spring break my family took a trip to go to the Mall Of America and on the way there we stopped at a small gas station where my dads finance bought us all a scratch off "cash word" and I won $50 it was my first ever scratch off and I was excited to get to the mall and blow it which I did very quickly

Julies Motor Inn

Approx. June, 2016

I got my first actual job although I was getting paid under the table working just down the road from my house for a family friend, my brother had worked there at my age and I would do things like sweep the parking lot, pull weeds, cut the grass, paint and make dump runs. I was making $8 under the table for like 3-4 hours a day usually every weekend

Odd Job

June, 2016 - Present

My dads friend used me and my brother a lot to help him out around his house with all of the yard work because he is older and can't do it all but my brother was working full time so I did most of it, he paid me $10 an hour for working a few days a week just doing chores like cutting the grass, weed whacking, and stuff like that and when we did stuff in the water like work on his boat or his dock he'd pay me $20 an hour because it didn't take extremely long

First Real Job

July, 2017 - September, 2017

I got my first real job through my sister, her boyfriends dad owns a contracting company so I spent the majority of my summer working with him mainly doing roofing 5 days a week, 8 hours a day making $12 an hour. Was. great job and great money for a high school kid like myself although it was really hard work. I currently still have $250 saved up from just that job so I do a good job of spending my money wisely only when I really have to.


June, 2018

My goal is to graduate and get a job at the city of houghton or work the contracting I had been doing this past summer working a lot of hours and making good money so I can save it up.


August, 2018

I am planning to go to school in the fall although no specific school in mind yet, I am looking to go into the study of business marketing and hopefully be accepted into a school with a good program. I am not very worried about paying of tuition due to the fact that this past summer I found out I am 1/4 Chippewa Native American so therefore any school I go to in the state of Michigan my tuition is paid for besides books and residence and things like that



A goal of mine is to save up enough money and have a constant job to be able to pay for my own vehicle



I am hoping that sometime around 2020 I will be able to afford my own apartment or house with a few roommates and that we'll be able to make all of the necessary payments on time for it.



I hope if I pursue my goal of going to school and graduating ill be able to get a good job right out of college in whatever I go into which s of now will either be sports marketing/management or my backup plan was to go to culinary school.

Way Future


I see myself around this time having a house I hope and maybe even having a happy family in it with me while I have a steady well paying job to be able to support them.



I dont know exactly what a reasonable retirement goal would be but I feel that if I take well enough care of my money and set up a solid retirement plan I will be able to retire happily by age 55-60, that is just a hope