My Extended Project


Start mind mapping ideas

June 8, 2017 - July 1, 2017

Begin to decide which subject areas may be interesting and may relate to future studies/career plans. This may include looking at universities to see which courses appeal in order to begin narrowing down topics

Project Start

June 8, 2017

initial extended project lesson

Decide on a firm topic

06/14/17 - 07/18/17

Decide on a firm topic and title, ensure PPR and project validation forms are filled in

Fill in PPR and Project Validation


Initial Research

07/19/17 - 09/12/17

Begin background research on topic and compiling a list of references
Decide on which areas specifically to focus on within the question

Source Analysis

08/27/17 - 10/23/17

Decide which sources are appropriate for academic use and which are the best for the topic. Ensure a wide range of sources - newspapers, books, magazines, websites, academic essays/dissertations etc.

Plan Dissertation

10/23/17 - 11/15/17

Using research, write a detailed plan of each paragraph and what resources will be included

First Draft

11/14/17 - 12/11/17

Write first draft of dissertation, which will be fully referenced and contain and introduction and conclusion as well as main body

Mid-Project Review with Supervisor


Ensure PPR is completed for this stage and show any modifications that have been made to initial plan

Final Dissertation

12/15/17 - 1/21/18

Have dissertation completed


01/01/18 - 03/01/18

Plan and complete the class presentation - specific date will be decided nearer the time but will be within this period


02/01/18 - 03/05/18

Evaluate all aspects of project

Final Submission