95 Theses

October 31st, 1517

Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the Wittenberg Church door in Germany. These were Luther's ideas and questions about ill practices in the Catholic Church. He questioned the importance of deeds and the morality of selling indulgences. Effectively began the Protestant Reformation.

Diet of Worms

April 17, 1521 - April 18, 1521

Martin Luther spoke before the Holy Roman Emperor and other leaders of the Holy Roman Empire. He defended his views and refused to repudiate his works unless he was convinced of error by Scripture or reason.

Publication of New Testament

Approx. 1525

William Tyndale published an English translation of the New Testament. This was the first time the text was published in English.

Colloquy at Marburg

Approx. 1529

Leading Protestant reformers met to solve a disputation over conflicting ideas over the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Called by Philipp of Hessen to unite the Protestant states, but failed after Martin Luther and Ulrich Zwingli could not agree and argued and debated for the entire conference.

Augsburg Confession

Approx. 1530

Lutheran position officially established.

Death of Henry VIII

Approx. 1547

King Henry VIII died, leaving Edward VI in charge of England. Edward established the Reformation in England, spreading its ideals.

King James Bible


King James version of the Bible was published. Official Sacred Scripture of Church of England.

Plymouth/New World

Approx. 1620 - Approx. 1630

Pilgrims from England land at Plymouth, Massachusetts, to escape religious persecution. They established the Congregational Church.


Approx. 1648

Presbyterian religion established in England. Eventually spread to America.

Bill of Rights

Approx. 1789

Bill of Rights added to US Constitution, guaranteeing religious freedom in the United States. Allowed for freedom of religious practice, helping to spread the reach of Protestantism.

Southern Baptist Convention


Southern Baptist Convention separates from the Baptist religion. By the 20th Century, it became the largest Protestant body in the United States.

United Methodist Church


Untied Methodist Church officially formed by merger of Methodist Church and Evangelical United Brethren Church.

Evangelical Lutheran Church

Approx. 1988

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America begins operation through merger of the American Lutheran Church, the Lutheran Church in America, and the Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches.