Cell theory Timeline


Zacharias Janssen


Invented the microscope
Helped future scientists learn more about microbiology and later discover the cell

Robert Hooke


First to discover the cell
Helped future scientists to research and see how the cell works

Anton Van Leewenhoek


First to see and describe bacteria, yeast, plants, water droplets, and blood
Discovered bacteria in these samples
Helped future scientists research and test about bacteria

Matthias Schleidan


Said that different plants are composed of cells. Also recognized the importance of the cell nucleus
Established that all living things contain cells

Theodor Schwann


Found all living things are made of cells
Introduced the Cell Theory
Disproved spontaneous generation by testing broth that was sterilized and heat

Louis Pasteur


Proved that cells only come from pre-existing cells
Also introduced the idea of pasteurization

Rudolf Virchow


All cells come from pre-existing cells
Living things can't come from non-living things
Cell Theory applies to diseases