The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Independent Reading Book Project

Audrey Brooks OR1 9/18/17 Mockingjay by: Suzanne Collins Project #2 - Timeline


Katniss Everdeen starts out in District 12

2088 April 23

After returning from the 75th Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen returns to her home in District 12 but she finds that there is nothing left of it, because the Capitol had bombed it.

The Broadcast

2088 April 25

One of Katniss's friends was kidnapped and now is being forced to broadcast that Katniss and the Rebels are dangerous and that they should be stopped.

The Mockingjay

2088 April 26

After long thought and contemplation Katniss Everdeen agrees to become the Rebel's Mockingjay.

Attack Warning

2088 May 1

During a Capitol broadcast Peeta, a friend of Katniss, reveals plans to attack District 13, which is where the Rebels are located.


2088 May 2

The Rebels brace for an attack as they get all of their citizens to the bomb shelter.


2088 May 5

A few days after the attack Katniss, Gale and some of the Rebels try to rescue Peeta again. This time they successfully rescue him but find he was brainwashed and he tries to hurt Katniss. Just as Peeta is about to hurt her one of the other Rebels knocks him out. After that they take an unconscious Peeta back to District 13 along with the others they rescued.

Going to District 2

2088 May 10

After Peeta goes crazy Katniss decides she should leave and go to District 2 to be safe.

The President

2088 May 15

When Katniss and her group arrive in District 2 they decide they really have no choice but to head to the Capitol and stop the President.

The New President

2088 May 17

When going after President Snow, Katniss ends up killing the Rebel leader, Coin, because Katniss learned that Coin was not who she thought she was. Coin was planning to have Katniss killed so she could then take over the Districts. In the end, President Snow dies from an unknown cause.

Life After

2088 May 19

At the end of the book Katniss and a few others head back to District 12 as they try to lead somewhat normal lives after the whole Hunger Games ordeal had ended.