Period 2 Chronological Modeling -a


Kidnapp of John Smith - Pocahontas


pg 28 Pocahontas became an intermediary between the Indians and the Virginia settlers, and the Indians provided food supplies to the settlers who were dying in droves.

First Anglo-Powhatan War

1610 - 1614

pg29 Lord De La Warr carried orders from the Virginia Company that amounted a declaration of war against the Indians in the Jamestown region. The war ended with a peaceful marriage between John Rolfe and Pocahontas.

Second Anglo-Powhatan War

1644 - 1646

pg29 The Indians lost. The peace treaty banished the Chesapeake Indians from their ancestral lands and formally separated Indians from white settlements.

Tuscarora War in North Carolina

1711 - 1713

pg 38 Tuscarora Indians were defeated.

Yamasee War in South Carolina

1715 - 1716

pg38 with the conquest of the Yamasees, virtually all the costal Indian tribes in the southern colonies were devastated.


William Penn


pg54 William Penn and Quakers established peaceful relations and toleration towards Indians.

Paxton Boys - Philadelphia


pg80 Protesting the Quaker oligarchy's lenient (merciful) policy toward the Indians.


Wampanoag Treaty


pg47 The Wampanoag tribe signed a peaceful treaty with the Plymouth Pilgrims and helped them celebrate the first Thanksgiving.

Roger Williams


pg46 Roger Williams was aided by friendly Indians to flee from the Bay Colony authorities because he was a Separatist.

Pequot War


pg47 Puritans vs. Pequot tribe. Pequot tribe annihilated.

King Philip's War

1675 - 1676

pg48 Metacom organized a series of attacks on the New England villages.


Cortés conquers Mexico for Spain

1519 - 1521

pg17 Cortés defeated the powerful Aztecs.

Pizarro crushes Incas of Peru


pg16 Spanish conqueror.

Oñate vs. Pueblo

1598 - 1609

pg20 Oñate led the Spanish conquered the Pueblo people of Rio Grande valley. The Indians were defeated In the battle of Acoma in 1599. The Spanish proclaimed the area to be the province of New Mexico in 1609 and established capital at Santa Fé in 1610.

Popé's Rebellion


pg21 A successful Indian uprising caused by suppressive Roman Catholic mission.