H & M Timeline

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Hennes, (H&M) is founded by Erling Perrson


The first H&M store is opened by Erling Perrson, named 'Hennis'. This store only sells woman clothing and is very limited.

Perrson opens a second store inside of Stockholm, Sweden


This shows that Perrson has opened another store due to profit gained from his first store.

First store opened outside of Sweden


Hennes opens a new store in Norway, expanding the growth of the company.

Hennes & Mauritz


Erling Perrson buys Mauritz Widfors, which sells a range of hunting and fishing items. This expands Hennes & Mauritz to selling children and menswear, and the stores name is changed to Hennes & Mauritz .

Hennes & Mauritz is listed on Stockholm Stock Exhachange


This makes H&M a public company and allows people to invest in the company, which allows Hennes & Mauritz to grow.

First store opened outside of Scandinavia


H&M open their first store outside of Scandinavia in London, England. This leads to an even bigger expansion of the company announcing the start of the companies global expansion.

First stores in Germany and the Netherlands


H&M open their first stores in Germany and the Netherlands, further expanding the company.

Expansion throughout Europe, advertisement


During the 1990's H&M expands throughout Europe and opens stores in France, whilst beginning to advertise their company in magazines, newspapers and billboards.

Online Retail


H&M begin start to selling products over the internet and telephone.

First stores in USA and Spain


H&M open their first store in USA, on Fifth Avenue, New York. Pushing their growth even farther with the expansion of stores in Spain.

First stores in Asia


H&M begins to open stores in Asia, starting with , Shanghai and Hong Kong then leading on to Japan and Beijing and are now pushing their online retail to Germany and Austria.

Store expansion and sale of home items


H&M opens stores in Turkey, South Korea and in Israel aswell as pushing online retail to the United Kingdom and begins the sale of home items.

Store expansion and online retail growth


H&M open stores in Croatia, Romania, Singapore, Bulgaria, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico and throughout the Middle East. This happens whilst H&M expand their online retail to 18 more countries.

First store in Australia


H&M opens their first store in Melbourne, Australia.