Dr.Miller's cold war


Mao Zedong

1883 - 1976

Civil War against Communists

1928 - 1935

Mao declares the People's Republic of China

October, 1949


World War I

1914 - 1918

Nuclear Arms Race

First Thermonuclear

November 1952

the US detonates the first thermonuclear bomb

Castle Bravo

March 1, 1954

supposed to be 5 megatons but came out 15. Japanese fishermen 90 miles away were irradiated and one died. 250 on nearby islands had to be evacuated after the blast and many got radiation sickness and 90% got cancer. First real awareness of “fallout”

Czar Bomba

October 23, 1961

USSR detonate Czar Bomba; 58 megatons- biggest ever tested on an island in the arctic


V.I. Lenin

1870 - 1924


1878 - 1953

Alexander Kerensky

1881 - 1970

russian social democratic workers party founded


Fundamental Law of 1906


Created the Duma

War Communism

1918 - 1921

New economic policy

1921 - 1928


Party Reform of 1921


Stalin's Rise to Power

1922 - 1928

first five year plan


Russia reaches socialism


Stalin claimed that russia had reached socialism

end of second five year plan


battle of moscow

november 1941 - december 1941

End of Comintern


Stalin dissolved it


George Marshall appointed Sec. State


Truman Doctrine

march 12, 1947

Eisenhower president

1953 - 1961

Apple Jack Drill


Domino Theory

April 7, 1954

Eisenhower introduced the Domino Theory at a news conference


US withdraws aid from Batista

March 1958

this was caused by the known corruption of Batista

Castro comes to power in Cuba


He did this without any fighting and the US recognizes his government within a week

Cuba and USSR

May 1960

officially diplomatic relations

Soviet Cuba

December 1960

Cuba declares that it will follow the Soviet Model

Cuba vs USA

Jan 1961

US cuts relations with Cuba

Communist Castro

December 1961

Castro declares he is and always has been a communist


Era of Appeasement

1933 - 1939

According to Henry Kissinger, if peace itself becomes a goal, then it will never be achieved. On the other hand, if the goal is a certain international order and all the powers are ready to go to war to preserve it, they probably won’t have to. This is why the balance of power worked after 1815, but the Versailles treaty after 1919 did not.

Hitler's comes to power


Hitler comes to power in Germany

Germany leaves the League of Nations

October 19, 1933

Soviets join League of Nations


Began to seek collective security

Hitler reoccupied the Rhineland


No resistance from Britain and France

Munich Crisis

September 1938

The Munich Agreement was a settlement permitting Nazi Germany's annexation of portions of Czechoslovakia along the country's borders mainly inhabited by German speakers, for which a new territorial designation "Sudetenland" was coined.

World War II

1939 - 1945

Battle of Britain

August 1940 - September 1940

Operation Barbarossa

June 22, 1941

the German invasion of Russia, breaking the nonaggression pact

Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941

The attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise military strike by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service against the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Territory, on the morning of December 7, 1941. The attack, also known as the Battle of Pearl Harbor, led to the United States' entry into World War II.

Battle of Stalingrad

July 17, 1942 - February 2, 1943

It stopped the German advance into the Soviet Union and marked the turning of the tide of war in favor of the Allies. The Battle of Stalingrad was one of the bloodiest battles in history, with combined military and civilian casualties of nearly 2 million.


June 6, 1944

the Battle of Normandy, which lasted from June 1944 to August 1944, resulted in the Allied liberation of Western Europe from Nazi Germany’s control.

Iwo Jima

February 19, 1945 - March 16, 1945

The American amphibious invasion of Iwo Jima during World War II stemmed from the need for a base near the Japanese coast.

Korean War

Korean War

1950 - 1953

Beginning of Korean War

June 25, 1950

North invades South Korea

Inchon Bay Invasion

September 1950


End of Korean War


Truce: ends with the DMZ on the 38th Parallel