Ancient Greece



3000 BC - 1450 BC

Bronze age civilization that flourished on the Greek Island of Crete


1600 BC - 1100 BC

Last phase of the Bronze Age located in central Greece

Trojan War

1200 BC - 800 BC

War between the Greeks and Trojans in the city of Troy.The Greeks defeated the Trojans by hiding in a horse and slaughtered the Trojans at nightfall

Dark Age

1200 BC - 800 BC

About 400 years of no written records


600 BC - 100 BC

Love of Wisdom


570 BC - 495 BC

Greek Mathematician, " Father of Geometry", Pythagorean Theorem

Persian War

499 BC - 449 BC

Spartans and Athens army's went to war with the Persian army

Battle of Marathon

490 BC

Athenians fight as one unit to drive the Persians back to the ocean. Using the tactic called Phalanx.

Battle of Thermopylae

480 BC

King Leonidas decides to help the Athenians and sent his 300 Spartans to fight with the Athenian army and defeat the 10,000 Persians.


470 BCE - 399 BCE

Taught on the streets, Believed in the power of debate, Socratic method

Peloponnesian War

431 BC - 404 BC

Athens and Sparta are now at war


427 bc - 347 bc

Student of Socrates, Smartest & Greatest Philosopher of Socrates and Aristotle.

What happened and Result

404 BC

Athens Remained behind protective walls and Sparta wanted to surround Athens and then Athens was hit with a plague that killed 1/3 of it city including their king.


384 BC - 322 BC

Most famous of Plato's Students, Happiness comes from Virtue.

Philip II

382 BC - 336 BC

Wanted to unite Greece under Macedonia, he was assassinated, Motivation was Glory, Empire, and revenge on the Persians

Alexander The Great

356 BC - 323 BC

Took on his fathers dream of getting revenge on the Persians. Was incidentally Gay

Alexander's Conquest

356 BC - 323 BC

Entered Asia Minor, controlled and conquered many cities

Alexanders Death

323 BC

Died in Central Babylon on his way back to Macedonia . He died from a high fever when he was 32