Fulbrook CH5

Restoring Germany 1815-48

Congress of Vienna: established the German confederation of 39 independent states


Year of Revolutions; failure of liberals' attempt to unite Germany under democratic constitution; start of period of rapid industrialization

1848 - 1849

Unification of Germany

Otto Von Bismarck as Prime Minister of Germany

1862 - 1871

William crowned King William I of Prussia (German Empire)


Otto von Bismarck achieves unification of Germany under Prussian leadership


Society and Politics in Wilhelmine Germany

Emperor William II

1888 - 1918

Rapid growth of economic power

Approx. 1890

Growing workers’ movement culminates in founding of Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD)

Approx. 1890

Foreign Policy and WWI


1914 - 1918

Independent Social Democratic Party (USPD) breaks away from SPD


Germany defeated --> German Empire collapses and is replaced by Germany’s first parliamentary republic


Treaty of Versailles: Germany loses colonies and land to neighbors, pays large-scale reparations