Minoans civilization

Approx. 2500 BC

the Trojan war and the destruction of troy

Approx. 1200 BC

war between troy and Sparta over Helen of troy

Dark ages

Approx. 1050 BC - Approx. 750 BC

time of no written record


Approx. 570 BC - Approx. 495 BC

A Philosophers thought that the essence of the universe could be described with numbers

First Persian invasion of Greece

Approx. 492 BC - Approx. 490 BC

Persian army makes landfall in marathon Greeks hold them back,soldier runs 26.3 miles to report back to athens

second Persian invasion

Approx. 480 BC - Approx. 479 BC

Persian gets held back by 300 spartan soldier for 3 days while Greek get there army to together


Approx. 470 bc - Approx. 399 bc

left no writings, was forced to commit suicide

peloponnesian war

Approx. 431 bc - Approx. 404 bc

war between Sparta and Athens


Approx. 428 bc - Approx. 348 bc

(student of Socrates)said to be the best western civilization philosopher, thought that idea were worth more then material things


Approx. 384 B.C. - Approx. 322 B.C.

Alexander the great was born

Approx. 356 BC

Alexander The great defeats Persians

Approx. 333 BC

Alexander the Great dies

Approx. 323 BC