Greek Timeline


Minoan Civilzation

2000 BC - 1500 BC

The Minoan Civilization was the earliest Greek civilization that created the myths of both Icarus and the Minotaur.The Minoans would eventually be destroyed by a Tsunami

Mycenaean Civilization

1600 BC - 1200 BC

The Mycenaean Civilization was the first major Greek Civilization.It would be destroyed by Natural Disaster but would before that they were a warrior people who took part in the Trojan War.

Trojan War

1300 BC - 1200 BC

The Trojan war was once thought to be a myth but archaeologist evidence has recently proven otherwise.The Trojan war was said to have started because of the kidnapping of a Greek princess by a Trojan prince named Paris.This also leads to the events of which the Trojan Horse is used by Greek Soldiers to sneak into the city. (Note the war didn't last this long the time is just an estimate of when it happened since the exact dates aren't known).


659 BC - 500 BC

Pythagoras is the father of geometry and creator of the Pythagorean theorem He is one of the earliest Greek Philosophers.

Persian War

499 BC

The Persian war was the war where the 2 legendary stories would take place.The first of the unnamed Soldier traveled at full speed to deliver a message and dying right after fulfilling the order. The 2nd is of the legendary 300 Spartans who made a final stand to buy time for Greece to prepare for a final battle against the Persian Army.


470 BC - 399 BC

Socrates was the creator of the Socratic method (The Method of questioning students to find what they have learned) he also questioned authority and believed all had a right to learn.He was forced to commit suicide after being tried and convicted of corrupting the youth of Athens with his teachings.

Peloponnesian War

431 BC - 404 BC

The war was the end of the golden age of Athens and led with Sparta winning after Athens fell to plague a year after the war started. Despite the plague Athens would continue to fight for 25 years losing their navy in the process.


427 BC - 347 BC

Plato was the best student of Socrates but disagreed with some of his methods.He believed in a republic government and distrusted Democracy.He is considered smarter than his teacher and the student who succeeded him,Aristotle.


384 BC - 322 BC

Aristotle was a philosopher who studied the governments of 158 Greek states and concluded that a constitutional Government was the best of them all.

Phillip II of Macedonia

382 BC - 336 BC

Phillip II of Macedonia was the king of Macedonia and father of Alexander the Great he was the one who turned Macedonia into a chief power of Greece.He was assassinated in 336 BC

Alexander the Great

356 BC - 323 BC

Alexander the Great was a Macedonia Prince who set out to conquer the Persian Empire and along with it also conquered Egypt,Greece,and part of India. He would die of Malaria in 323 BC and the empire he built quickly fell. (Fun Fact:Alexander was gay).