Ancient Greece Timleline



2600 bc

Aegean Bronze Age,First Greek civilization on an island, Famous Badge would be the Minotaur which is half human and half bull


1650 bc

First Greeks on land, They where the first people to speak Greek and influenced my the Minoans

Dark Ages of Grece

1100 bc

-The dark ages of Greece is when we do not have any written documents of that time
-400 Year time period

Trogan War

750 bc

-City of Troy vs Greece
-Troy took Hellen from Greece


508 bc

Against the pelopennesians league led by Sparta

Persian War

500 bc

-King wanted to conquer Greece
-Fought by citizens of Athens
-Gains a foot hold


431 bc

Athens vs Sparta war

404 bc

Philip ||

359 bc

This is when he conquered Greece


356 bc

Alexanders Death

323 B.C.

Hellenistic Era

323 bc