Old Testament Timeline


Abraham is born in Ur of the Chaldeans

Approx. 2166 B.C

Abraham is called to set out for Canaan

2091 B.C.

Isaac is born to Abraham and Sarah

2066 B.C.

Jacob is born to Isaac and Rebekah

2006 B.C.

Abraham dies in Canaan

1991 B.C.

Joseph is born to Jacob and Rachel

1916 B.C.

Joseph is sold into slavery

1898 B.C.

Isaac dies in Canaan

1886 B.C.

Jacob and his family move to Egypt

1876 B.C.

Jacob dies in Egypt

1859 B.C.

Joseph dies in Egypt

1806 B.C.

The Israelites are enslaved in Egypt

1730 B.C.

Moses is born

1527 B.C.

Moses flees Egypt for Midian

1487 B.C.

Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt

1446 B.C.

Tabernacle construction in the wilderness

1446 B.C.

The Israelites cross the Red Sea

1446 B.C.

The Law is given on Mount Sinai to Moses

1445 B.C.

Moses presents the Deuteronomic Law

1406 B.C.

Forty years of wilderness wandering ends for the Israelites

1406 B.C.

The journey to/of Canaan begins

1405 B.C.

Israel enters the Promised Land

1405 B.C.

Moses dies

1405 B.C.

Joshua leads the Israelites

1405 B.C.

Jericho is taken

Approx. 1405 B.C.

Canaan is apportioned to the tribes of Israel

1398 B.C.

Joshua dies

1380 B.C.

Judges begin to rule in Israel

1375 B.C.

Samson fights the Philistines

1100 B.C.

Judges end rule in Israel

1075 B.C.

Saul becomes king of Israel

1050 B.C.

Samuel anoints David to be King

1018 B.C.

David begins to reign at Hebron

1010 B.C.

David reigns over all Israel

1003 B.C.

The ark is brought to Jerusalem

997 B.C.

David commits adultery with Bathsheba

990 B.C.

Solomon is born

988 B.C.

Absalom revolts against David his father

980 B.C.

David dies

970 B.C.

Solomon becomes king

970 B.C.

Jeroboam reigns in Israel

930 B.C.

Solomon dies & Kingdom divides

930 B.C.

Rehoboam reigns in Judah

930 B.C.

Asa becomes king in Judah

910 B.C.

Baasha becomes king in Israel

909 B.C.

Ahab becomes king in Israel

874 B.C.

Jehoshaphat becomes king in Judah

872 B.C.

Elijah is taken to heaven & Elisha prophesies

850 B.C.

Isaiah begins to prophesy in Judah

755 B.C.

The Book of the Law is found in Jerusalem

624 B.C.

Assyria's capital Nineveh falls to the Babylonians

612 B.C.

Judah is taken captive by the Babylonians

586 B.C.

Cyrus conquers Babylon

539 B.C.

The temple begins to be rebuilt

536 B.C.

The temple is finished being rebuilt

515 B.C.

Jerusalem's wall is reconstructed

443 B.C.