Evolution of Democracy


The Code of King Hammurabi

1754 B.C.E

If a man were to attack another man, the attacker would have the same harm brought upon them, making all men equal

King John I: Magna Carta


Every person has the right to a fair trial. No one will be withheld from rights or justice.

John Locke: Concerning Civil Government


The liberty of a man shall never be threatened by the law except for what was established under consent in the commonwealth.

Declaration of the rights of man


No person or group has the right to exercise authority on anyone, less it comes straight from the country itself.
Any man has the right to do whatever he pleases as long as it affects no one else.

Amendment XV to Constitution of the U.S


Every U.S citizen has the right to vote regardless of race or colour

New Zealand Election Act


The right for women's suffrage. The right for women to be able to vote.

U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Every person on the globe is entitled to their rights and freedoms, and nothing shall take that away.

European Member States


For all the countries in the UN to work together, help each other, and protect each other.