Music History I


Medieval Period

476 - 1453

The span of the Medieval Period.


800 - 814

He unified various chants, emphasized the importance of music in the Church, and strove to implement adequate performance throughout his empire.

Musica Enchiriadis


The first surviving attempt to set up a system of rules for polyphony in western music.

Guido of Arezzo Micrologus


A treatise on Medieval music that outlines singing and teaching practices for Gregorian chants.

Hildegard of Bingen

1098 - 1179

She is the founder of scientific natural history in Germany


1100 - 1350

Composers and performers of Old Occitan lyric poetry.

Notre Dame School Polyphony

1160 - 1250

The group of composers working at or near Notre Dame between 1160 and 1250. Leonin and Perotin are the most well known of this group.

Carmina Burana


A manuscript written in 1230 by two scribes on 119 sheets of parchment. It contains 254 poems and dramatic works.

Franco of Cologne/Ars Cantus Mensurabilis


A musical trestise written by Franco of Cologne that summarized a set of six rhythmic modes.

Guillaume de Machaut

1300 - 1377

The first composer to completely compile his works.

Ars Nova Treatise


Developed duple/"imperfect" meters in music.

Francesco Landini

1325 - 1397

Known for the Ladini Cadence.