Truman was inaugurated and entered presidency.


This is important because Truman later becomes a huge leading force in postwar decisions and operations aimed to help countries that had been weakened from World War II.

Truman Doctrine was implemented to try and stop the spread of communism in postwar weakened countries. The Marshall Plan was also put into place to send 13 billion dollars to help rehabilitate and sta


These two operations are important because they show how, after WWII, the US stood up and take control to help other countries and gain new allies in the process, as well as stop any opposing force.

Rosa Parks refuses her seat on the bus and is arrested. This is the start of the bus boycott.


This is important because it is the start of protests for equal rights based on race and the equality movement within the US. Rosa Parks was one of the first accounts of standing up to white supremacy and she served as a role model to many and allowed people to follow in her footsteps.

Martin Luther King Jr gave his “I had a dream” speech and led the march on Washington.


This is important because it was a major milestone in the equal rights movement and it shows the power of the people who stood up for their beliefs and for equal rights.

Civil rights Act which banned discrimination based on sex, race, color, religion, or national origin.


This is important because it showed how authority started to focus and make a move towards equality. Even though the Civil rights Act was weakened with the assassination of John F. kennedy the Act was then signed into law by president Lyndon B. Johnson.

martin luther king assasination


this is important because Martin Luther King was someone who many looked up to because of his determination and persistence for racial equality.

moon landing


This is important because it was a huge step forward, not just in the space race, but with technology and it made a major impact on society during the time.

26th Amendment


This is important because it allowed anyone at the age of 18 or older the right to vote, thenceforth the right to speak their opinions.