Jamestwon founded

Approx. 1607

important because it was the first permanent English settlement in America

First Africans Arive In Virginia


which is important because this started the horrible ordeal of slavery

Pilgrims arrive and sign the Mayflower Compact


Puritans found Massachusetts Bay Colony


Puritans escape from religious persecution in England and arrive in America

"King Phillip's" War

1675 - 1676

Wampanoag leader called Philip by Europeans lead war against New England most fatal war in American History in terms of Native Americans vs. Europeans

Pueblo Revolt

1680 - 1692

Indians killed over 400 Spaniards drove them to El Paso which was the most successful attempt to drive Europeans out of their territory

Salem Witch Trials

1692 - 1693

which caused many innocent people to die and caused many outbreaks of fear and panic

The "Great Awakening"


which was a huge religious awakening started by Jonathan Edwards and caused many American men to start working again and to become more religious and restore faith