History and Creation of Networking


George Stibitz and the Teletype


Known as one of the fathers of the first modern computer. Also
for the usage of a teletype (an electrical typewriter) to send
commands to New York over telegraph lines

Online Transaction Processing is Born


With the help of International Business Machines (IBM) and
Sabre, American Airlines was given the capacity to link at least
2000 terminals in different cities to a pair of computers to deliver data of any flight in a matter of seconds. Before that, everything
had to be done manually.

The creation of ARPANET

1967 - 1980

Predecessor to the modern Internet, what began as a concept,
later became reality with the connection of 4 computers located
in 4 different important universities from the United States for the
sake of preservation of data. Later by the 1980's, the project was
handed over to the military, which expanded the network to even
more computers located in more universities.

Creation of Ethernet


Granted with the original development of Ethernet is Xerox. Ethernet is the most common LAN (local area network) technology installed. Initially worked with coaxial cables, however modern Ethernet work with fiber optical cabling.

Creation of Wi-Fi

1985 - 1999

Began with the United States opening up distinct wireless frequencies to be used free of license. With Wi-Fi also came the WLAN's (Wide Local Area Network). Progressively, standards with much more speed came along such as the 802.11a in 1999.

Creation of the World Wide Web

1989 - 1993

The surge of what we know as today's WWW, which really serves as an acronym to World Wide Web. Originally developed for institutes and scientists, it was released to the public domain in 1993.

Surge of ISP's


Acronym for Internet Service Providers, which are companies whose role is to provide customers with Internet. Originally the first ISP was Telenet in 1979 for the first commercial version of ARPANET. For the modern Internet, which is the one we use today, the first ISP's was "The World", developed in 1989.