Jamestown Settlement

May 1607

America's first solid English colony, which is located in Williamsburg, Virginia. It marked the way for more colonies to come.

Mayflower Compact


It was the first compliance for self-government in the Americas to be organized and enforced. A British ship called the Mayflower sailed 102 pilgrims over to America from Plymouth, England.

French and Indian War

1754 - 1763

A war between Britain and France as they fought for expansion in America. At the end, Britain gained some of Canada from France and Florida from Spain.

Revolutionary War

April 19, 1775 - September 3, 1783

A global war that started as struggle between Great Britain and the Thirteen Colonies. After fighting for 8 years, the Thirteen Colonies won independence and created the United States of America.

Louisiana Purchase


The United States bought Louisiana territory from France in 1803, therefore widening their territory to across North America.

Second War of American Independence


Great Britain had been fighting against France since 1793. The British made U.S. ships stop at their port and pay a fee before sailing to France. Furthermore, there was conflict with Britain and Canada, so the United States jumped in.

California Gold Rush

January 24, 1848 - 1855

James W. Marshall discovered gold in Coloma, California. This inspired 300,000 people to come to California from across the world.

Civil War

April 12, 1861 - May 9, 1865

A war over slavery and states' rights that lasted 4 years. The Union won, and slavery was put to end.

Spanish-American War

April 1898 - August 1898

This was a war fought between Spain and the United States. This was mostly due to campaigns in Cuba and the Philippine Islands. It was also a fight for other islands/countries to gain independence from Spanish rule,

Civil Rights Movement

1954 - 1968

Many people used strategies to stop racial segregation and discrimination to African Americans. Protests, both violent and nonviolent, took place as they tried to put an end to the constant judgement of colored people.