History of the church part 1


The Ressurection of Jesus

33 ad

Today is Easter. It has been 3 days since Jesus died on the cross and he has risen from the dead

The Ascension of Jesus

33 ad - 33 AD

Jesus Christ becomes the King of Heaven. HE ascends from hear to Heaaven so he can open the doors to heaven and be with God.

Pauls Conversion

35 AD

Saul has had his first apparation. The apparation is of Jesus being converted to christanity.

The Council of Jerusalem

50 AD

Rules that Gentiles convert. Does not observe any mosaic law.

Paul Martyred in Rome

65 AD

Paul traveled to Rome to spead the good new of christ. Ended up being martyred.

The Gospel of Mark

Approx. 65 AD - Approx. 70 AD

Martyr of St.Paul and peter. The fall of Jereusulem has begun.

Peter martyred in Rome

67 Ad - 67 AD

Peter traveled to Rome to spead the good new of christ. Ended up being martyred.

Gospel of Matthew

80 AD

reign of Pope St.Clement has begun. Issued letters were sent to corinthians

The Gospel of John

90 AD

New gospel messages were made. Jesus has been portrayed in many different ways

Edict of Milan

313 AD

The edict of milan was a letter signed by Roman rulers Constantine and Licinius, that stated religious toleration in Rome

Council Of Nicea

325 ad

The first ecumenial council of the Christan church, meeting in ancient Nicea. This was called by by the emperor Constantine 1 , an unbaptized catechumen who spoke over the opening and took part in the council. it ended in the first uniform Christian doctrine, called the Nicene Creed.

Council Of Constinoble

381 AD

The First Council of Constantinople was a council of Christian bishops convened in Constantinople by Roman Emperor Theodosius. resulted to the Trinitarian doctrine of the equality of the Holy Spirit with the Father and the Son

Council of ephusus

431 AD

The Council of Ephesus was a council of Christian bishops in Ephesus, by the Roman Emperor Theodosius II. He therefore declared that Cyril, Memnon, and John were all deposed.

Eastern and Western Schism

1054 AD

afternoon prayers were about to begin, Cardinal Humbert, legate of Pope Leo IX, walked into the Cathedral of Hagia Sophia, walker right to the altar, put down a piece of parchment paper that wrote the Patriarch of Constantinople, Michael. Cerularius, to be excommunicated. He then marched out of the church, shook its dust from his feet, and left the city. the outcome ended in the separation between the Eastern Christian churches and the Western church.

Symbol #1

1774 - 1821

One of her symbols is a book or diary, because she had many diaries that she wrote in

Elizabeth Ann Setons Birthdate

August 27th, 1774

She was born on August 27th, 1774 in New york City to Dr.Richard Bailey and Cathertine Charlton.

Story #1


Around 1794 he and he very good friend found the "protestants sisters of charity"


1794 - 1798

she founded a charity and one of the first catholic schools

Symbol #3

1801 - 1810

She became catholic; so she read the bible; one of her symbols is a bible because she was a very devoted catholic

Elizabeth Ann Seton becomes catholic

March 14, 1805

She was recieved into the church on Ash Wednesday

Elizabeth Ann Setons Death

January 4th, 1821

She died at Emmitsburg, Maryland on January 4th, 1821

Elizabeth Ann Seaton's Beatifacation date


She was beatified in 1963

Elizabeth Ann Seton Feast day

Approx. January 4, 2018

St. Elizabeth Ann Setons feastday is on JANUARY 4th