Church History


The Resurrection of Jesus

33 AD

Mary Magdalene went to visit Jesus' tomb. She noticed the stone that covered the opening was moved and Jesus was not it in tomb. Jesus had risen from the dead. All of Jesus' Followers were shocked. They remembered that Jesus had spoken to them in Galilee. Jesus had told that that he would rise on the third day, they realized that Jesus had spoken the truth.

The Ascension

33 AD

The ascension took place 40 days after Jesus rose from the dead. The Acention is when Jesus is taken up into heaven to live with his Holy Father for eternal life.

Paul's Conversion

Approx. 35 AD

As Paul was on his way to Damascus, a light flashed around him and he fell. He then heard a voice saying " Saul, Saul why are you persecuting me?. For three days after Saul could not see, eat, or drink. The lord spoke to Ananias and told him to go find Saul. When Ananias found Saul, he laid his hand on him. Things like Scales fell from Saul's eyes. He immediately got baptized.

The Council of Jeruselem

Approx. 50 AD

The council of Jerusalem is an assembly of people who were arguing about wether or not someone could go to heaven if they did not observe Mosaic practice. Paul and Barnabas decided to go to Jerusalem to the apostles and presbyters about their question.

The Gospel of Mark

Approx. 65 AD - Approx. 70 AD

Mark wrote his gospels for the Gentiles. During this time Christians were being killed by Emperor Nero. Peter and Paul were killed around this time. People were panicking because many Christian leaders were being killed. They were worried they may all die and nobody would no about Christianity. They decided to write down Christian history so that it would not be forgotten.

Paul Martyred in Rome

Approx. 65 AD

Although the Bible does not exactly tell when or why Paul died it is believed that Paul died under the rule of Emperor Nero In Rome. It is likely that Paul was decapitated.

Peter Martyred in Rome

Approx. 67 AD

Peter was crucified in Rome under Emperor Nero's control. Peter was Crucified upside down as he didn't see himself worthy of dying the same way as Jesus.

The Gospel of Luke

Approx. 80 AD - Approx. 85 AD

Luke wrote to Greek Gentiles. He wrote about how to be a good Christian. As Greek Gentile communities continued to grow, they didn't know how to be good Christians. In the Luke's Gospel, he states that all Christians are to mirror the image of Jesus.

The Gospel of Matthew

Approx. 80 AD

Matthew wrote his Gospel for Jewish Christians. Jewish Christians were skeptical that Jesus was not the real Messiah. Matthew wrote his Gospel to connect to this community. The Gospel of Matthew talks about Jesus' origin and Jesus' connection to Abraham, Moses and King David.

The Gospel of John

Approx. 90 AD

John wrote his Gospel for everyone. During this time, Christian communities were in conflict with each other. John wrote heavily about the Mystery of the Incarnation. He wrote about how Jesus is the son of God.

Edict of Milan

313 AD

Pope Gregory the Great stopped the chaos which occurred at the time. The chaos was because the church was going and the people needed order. Rome declared was on Christians, thinking that Christianity wanted to triumph all other religions. Pope Gregory the Great established the popes as the rulers of central Italy. He helped strengthen the church by leaving writings that influenced thinking at the time.

Council of Nicaea

325 AD

Council of Nicaea was called by Emperor Constantine. The purposed was to define the nature of God to eliminate confusion within the church. The Council came to the conclusion that the holy spirit was one person.

Council of Constantinople

381 AD

During the Council of Constantinople, The answer was given against heresies. The Dogma of the church was stated again, and the words into the Nicene Creed, showing the truth, that the Holy Spirit comes from the Father and the Son.

Council of Ephesus

431 AD

The council of Ephesus explained the Dogma that the Blessed Virgin Mary was the Mother of God. It also brought forth the truth of one divine person in Christ.

Council of Chalcedon

451 AD

In Antioch and Alexandra,people had conflicting views on Christs divinity. The council resolved the problem saying, "the two natures(divine and human) are united without change, and without division, and without confusion in Christ."This told the people that Christ, is fully human and fully divine.

Eastern and Western Schism

1054 AD

The event that divided Christianity into Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. The source of the Schism was largely in part of a dispute of papal authority.Another reason why the event occurred is that people were being excommunicated.

Saint Bernadette Birthdate

january 4 1844

Bernadette was born in Lourdes, France. She was the oldest of nine children. Her family was very poor and was in very poor health for her whole life. She got sick when she was a toddler and never fully recovered. When Bernadette was 14 years old she went to a grotto near her house, it was there that the Virgin Mary appererd to her. Over a series of apparitions to Bernadette, the Virgin Mary revealed that she was there to tell Bernadette to build a chapel in her honor. Bernadette was ridiculed by many, including her own parents for claiming that she was seeing the Virgin. However, Bernadette knew that she was really seeing the Mother of God and that she shouldn't care what people say about her.

Saint Bernadette Death date

April 16 1879

Bernadette escaped her hometown, Lourdes because she did not like the attention and ridicule she was receiving. She joined the Sisters of Charity and worked there as an infirmary assistant. She was later diagnosed with tuberculosis. Bernadette died while praying the rosary.

Saint Bernadette Canonization date

December 8th 1933

Bernadette had many lifetime accomplishments. The one that stands out the most is that Mary Mother of God appeared to her many times.Mary visited Bernadette in a grotto near her home in Lourdes,France. Bernadette was only fourteen years old when she saw The Mother Of God for the first time. Mary told Bernadette to build a chapel in her honor on March second. Later in Bernadette life, a chapel was built in Mary’s honor in the spot at which Mary appeared to Bernadette. The church;which was named Sanctuary of Our Lady Of Lourdes; is now one of the biggest pilgrimage sites on earth. When The lady appeared to Bernadette she told her to drink from the muddy water in the grotto. When Bernadette came back the next day, the muddy water was clean and flowing. Many people since then have drank from the water, which has cured their illnesses. Bernadette was Canonized by Pope Pius XI. Some of her patronages include illness, people ridiculed for being religious, people in poverty,shepherds and, Lourdes France. Some symbols of Bernadette are the Sisters of charity logo and lilies.