Religion Timeline


The Resurection of Jesus

33 AD

3 days after Jesus died rose from the dead. Mary Magdalene found Jesus’ tomb empty with an Angel and was shocked. Jesus was alive again and appeared to Mary first. This day is known as Easter Sunday.

The Ascension

Approx. 33 ad

This happened 40 days after Easter Sunday. On this day the body and soul of Jesus went to heaven.

Paul's Conversion

35 ad

Saul was someone who hated Christians and persecuted them. On the way to Damascus he was blinded by a light and God spoke to him. Saul then chose to convert and his name became Paul. After that, he spread the word of God.

The Council of Jerusalem

50 AD

This was a meeting the Christian apostles attended in Jerusalem. They had this meeting to keep peace in the Church. The issue was that gentiles had to follow Jewish laws in order to be a christian. At the council of Jerusalem they said that gentiles didn't have to do that.

The Gospel of Mark

65 AD - 70 AD

Jesus is portrayed as someone who had real human emotions and someone in a rush. Mark wrote it for gentiles.

Paul Martyred in Rome

65 AD

Paul was beheaded by the Romans. He was murdered under the command of Nero. At the time the were killing many Christians in Rome.

Peter Martyred in Rome

67 ad

Peter was going to be killed on the cross like Jesus. Peter requested that he be crucified upside down on the cross instead.

The Gospel of Luke

80 ad - 85 ad

Jesus is shown as someone who cares for everyone and is a loving person in general. Luke wrote this for the Greek gentiles.

The Gospel of Matthew

80 AD

Written for the Jews. He portrayed Jesus as someone who was a Jewish teacher and promised messiah.

The Gospel of John

90 ad

John showed that Jesus was divine. This gospel was written for Everyone.

Edict of Milan


Before the Edict of Milan, the Eastern Empire didn't have religious toleration. Christians were persecuted for their faith. Then Constantine resolved this when he became emporer. The Christian Church became the national church of Rome.

Council of Nicaea

325 AD

The Arians thought Jesus divine but he was inferior to God still. This council was two months and 12 days long. The Nicene creed was created at this council. People who were present include Pope Sylvester, Constantine, and 318 bishops. After this council, they concluded that Jesus is Gad and Equal to God.

Council of Constantinople

381 AD

The Apollinarian group believed Jesus had two different parts. They also thought the Holy Spirit wasn't divine.n This decided the holy spirit came from God and the son. They added a line to Nicene creed about it. They did this to stop the hercey on the holy spirit.

Council of Ephesus

431 AD

Nestorians thought Mary wasn't the mother of God but just the mother of Jesus. A lot was discussed at this council. They announced Mary to be the Mother of God. They gave a defintion to the unity of Christ. Lastly they restored the accusation against Pelagius.

Council of Chalcedon

451 AD

The Monophysites believed that Jesus' divinity took over his human side. This council clarified our belief in Christ's divinity. They defined it as Christ being of human nature and completely divine all in one. The pope at the time was Leo the great.

St.Brigid of Kildare

451 AD - 525

St. Brigid's feast day is Feb. 1st. She was canonized on October 7th, 1391 by Boniface. Brigid is the patron saint of milkmaids,children, midwifes and Ireland. She founded a religious home for men and woman in Kildare, Ireland.
She is still remembered for her work in the church to this day. She is also known for her miracles like the miracle of the cloak. Brigid went to the king asking for land so she could build her monastery. The king said no and would not give her any land. Brigid asked him to give her as much land as her cloak could cover and he agreed thinking it would be useless. She then told the people with her to each grab a corner and walk in different directions. They cloak began to grow and spread to give her more than enough land to build her monastery.

Eastern and Western Schism

1054 ad

This was between the Greek and Latin church. It divided the christian faith into Western and Eastern groups. The cause was disputes of papal authority. The west was Roman Catholics and the east was Orthodoxy.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

1774 AD - 1821 AD

Sept. 14th, 1975
First American Born Saint
Patroness of Catholic Schools

St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

1850 AD - 1917 AD

Canonized July 7th, 1946
Patron Of Immigrants
Born in Italy