WHAP Timeline


Domestication of Dogs

15000 BC - 12000 BCE

Passage of People into the Americas

13000 BCE

Crossed over Bering Strait to enter Americas and moved up to South America

Neolithic Revolution

8500 BCE - 3500 BCE

Neolithic Revolution led to increase in reliable food supply, rapid increase in total human population, specialization, widening of gender differences, and development of distinction between settled people and nomads

Domestication of sheep, pigs, goat, cattle

8500 BCE - 3500 BCE

Transition to Agriculture!

8000 BCE

Led to the creation of civilization: large cities that dominate the countryside around them, monumental architecture and public building projects, complex political organization, written language, specialization, advanced art/ literature, long distance trade

Technological Innovations/ Bronze Age

4000 BCE - 3000 BCE

Plow- more land could be innovated more efficiently. Towns became cities because of productivity.
Bronze- improvements in equipment and tools.

Sumerian Civilization

3500 BCE - 1800 BCE

Mesopotamia! (Sumerians, Assyrians, Babylonians)

3500 BCE - 1200 BCE

Middle East and relied on Tigris and Euphrates Rivers (see SPICE chart)

Development of Earliest Civilizations

3500 BCE - 1200 BCE

Characterized by location in river valleys, complex irrigation systems, development of legal codes, use of money (bartering), elaborate art forms and/or written literature, formal science knowledge (including numbers and calendars), more social inequality

Egypt Civilization

3100 BCE - 1087 BCE

nothing important really happened to them (see SPICE chart)

Norte Chico

3000 BCE - 2000 BCE

(see SPICE chart)

Indus Valley Civilization

2500 BCE - 1200 BCE

(see SPICE chart)

Shang China

1700 BCE - 800 BCE

see SPICE chart

Something big that caused decline of river valleys!

1200 BCE

Olmec Civilization

1200 BCE - 400 BCE

Olmecs were a Mesoamerica civilization (see SPICE chart)

Chavin Culture

950 BCE - 250 BCE