My personal project timeline


First PP workshop

23 February 2017 - 6 March 2017

At around February, I started to brainstorm ideas for my Personal project. From the start I already knew that I wanted to incorporate The Shelter orphanage I just didn't know how exactly.

Product planning

4 April 2017 - 26 April 2017

During this time, I knew that I would be doing a short documentary comparing privileged and non- privileged kids using the Human development index. It was also during this time that I began planning as to how I was going to start start my project

Journal entries

28 May 2017 - Present day

During this time, I started to enter journal entries and I am still in the process of entering journal entries.

Researching for my product

29 May 2017 - 4 June 2017

My movie is very research based and so I had to take a lot of time researching because I knew very little about child development before researching. This also acted as my secondary research for my product

Reached Kerala

Approx. 13 June 2017 - Approx. 27 June 2017

My holiday was split into three parts, Kerala, Bangalore and then finally Orissa. I left for Kerala on the 12th of June. During my time in Kerala I visited an institute called Sneha Sangetham on the 22nd of June. After that I continued on with my research to finalise survey questions for the girls in Orissa.

Script writing

28 June 2017 - 13 July 2017

During this time I was in Bangalore where I spent my time writing my script and doing some more secondary research.

Filming the girls in Orissa and finalising my script

13 July 2017 - 21 July 2017

During this time I reached Orissa and I then visited The Shelter orphanage and filmed my interviews there. I was also able to talk to someone who used to work in a global project that helped under privileged kids around the world

Filming of my narration part

9 August 2017 - 15 August 2017

During this time I took the time to film my narration as well as edit my movie and put all the interviews and put it into the movie

Report writing

24 August 2017 - 2 September 2017

During this time I began to write my report, which included citing all my research and updating product tables and timelines