Goes Station


Ohio Becomes a State


Mill pond built


The Chapman brothers built a mill pond to power a mill manufacturing scythes.

First Depression

1830 - 1840

Panic of 1837

Railroad from Xenia to Springfield

1836 - 1846

1845 was completed between Xenia and Springfield

William Mills saves rail from Xenia to Springfield


His deal was that if he secured funding, then the railroad would come through Yellow Springs instead of Clifton.

Mill converted to manufacture gun powder


Benjamin Carlton and the Austin brothers converted the mill to manufacture gun powder. The Austin Powder Company was formed.

Miami Powder Company formed


Joseph King purchased the mill and formed the Miami Powder Company. He upgraded the mill with a steam power plant. He also built employee residences forming the company town of Goes Station.

Post Office

1872 - 1932

The post office name was changed from Goes Station to Goes in 1894. Goes was built as the company town for the Miami Powder Company.