A John Wesley Timeline

A timeline highlighting the events where Wesley and Osmotherley come together and other notable events in the North East of England.

Life of John Wesley - key events in his personal life

Birth of John Wesley

This is John's birthday using the new style Gregorian Calendar

Epworth Rectory Fire

Christ Church College, Oxford

An approximation of the time John Wesley was in Christ Church College Oxford. It was in 1725 that he was ordained Deacon and became a fellow of Lincoln College the following year. He received his MA in 1727.

Wesley commences his daily notebook

Approximate date when he commences his diary - at first simply notes of work details. Later they included comments about books read and even later they became the 'Journals'.

Travel to Georgia, USA

John's Conversion experience

John Wesley's conversion experience when, on the evening of this day he went to a meeting in Aldersgate Street, London and heard a reading from Romans. He 'felt his heart strangely warmed' - finding at last the assurance that he had long sought.

It may be noted that John's experience came literally days after Charles' experience on the 21st May 1738.

Death of John Wesley

The death of John Wesley

Visits and Events in the North East

Mr Adams invites John Wesley to Osmotherley

Mr Peter Adams, a Franciscan, lived at Osmotherley and had heard 'so many strange accounts of the Methodists, that he could not rest till he came to inquire for himself'. He invited John Wesley, who later became a good friend, to preach.

John Wesley preaches in Northallerton & Osmotherley

In the evening John preached at the inn, in Northallerton, where Mr Adams and some of his neighbours met him. He was urged to preach in Osmotherley too and arrived 'between 9 and 10pm. 'It was about an hour before the people were gathered together. It was after twelve before he lay down'.

John Wesley returns to Osmotherley

On 16th September, John Wesley returns to Osmotherley and on the next day, 'I saw the poor remains of the old chapel on the brow of the hill, as well as those of the Carthusian Monastery, (called Mount Grace), which lay at the foot of it. The walls of the church, of the cloister, and some of the cells, are tolerably entire; and one may still discern the partitions between the little gardens, one of which belonged to every cell'.

21st October 1745 visit to Osmotherley

The Journals record that .... 'on Monday, 21, took my leave (.....) and rode to Mr. Adams's, at Osmotherley'.

1st March 1747 visit to Osmotherley

Mr Wesley came to Osmotherley about 10am and assisted the local vicar (Mr. D.) by reading Prayers and Preaching in St Peter's church. By local request he also preached at 3pm the same afternoon and Mr. D. affirmed that Mr Wesley would be welcome to preach there 'whenever Mr. Wesley pleases'.

Return to Osmotherley on 20th April 1747

On his return Mr. Wesley finds that Mr. D. has been 'vehemently attacked by the neighboring Clergy and Gentry' and decides to preach from a tombstone near the church, on, 'The Lord is risen indeed'.

Building of Osmotherley Chapel

Check dates and mention also date of Indenture

Key public events

Events affecting John Wesley and those he knew

Beginnings of 'The Holy Club'

The Holy Club commences with William Morgan, Charles Wesley, John Wesley and 'one more'.

Charles Wesley's Assurance

The date when John's brother Charles experienced a 'personal assurance' and realised the truth of 'justification by faith' which John had first expounded to Charles.