Annular eclipse

27 June 632

This eclipse was taken as a bad thing because that same day the son of the prophet died and it was seen in Saudi Arabia and in Medina

King Henry's Eclipse

2 August 1133 - 5 august 1133

It was named like this because of the death of the king Henry some days after the eclipse and it was an total eclipse

Timing a eclipse

3 August 1715

Edmund halley timed a eclipse of 4 min and about 30 km

Baily's Beads discovering

15 May 1836

Francis Baily an astronomer discovered the phenomenon Baily's Beads.

First photogtam of the sun's corona

28 July 1851

Berowski, a prussian photographer took a photo of the sun's corona

The longest eclipse

21 July 2009 - 22 July 2009

The longest eclipse in history with a time of 6 min with 39 secs.