1446 BC

Biblical judges lead the people

1250 BCE - 1025 BCE

king saul

1025 BCE - 1010 BCE

king david

1010 BCE - 970 BCE

King Solomon

970 BC - 930 BC

Solomon's temple is finished

960 BCE

King Rehoboam

931 BCE - 913 BCE


900 BCE

A part of the Torah is written.


800 BCE

Part of the Torah is written.

Neo-Assyrian empire

740 BCE - 722 BCE

Kingdom of Israel falls to Neo-Assyrian Empire.

D Source of the Torah is written

620 BCE

Joshua, Judges, Samuel I and II, Kings I and II are also written, presumably by the same author

Deportation to Babylonia

597 BCE

Temple destroyed

586 BCE

Israel falls to Nebuchadnezzar and Solomon's temple is destroyed.

Jews allowed to return to Jerusalem

539 BCE

Second Temple of Jerusalem is built

516 BCE

Second temple destroyed

70 C.E


1933 - 1945

Hitler rises into power in Germany and Germany arranges a genocide by sending jews to concentration camps and killing them. 6 million European jews are murdered in gas chambers. The holocaust also had 9 million other victims such as homosexuals, Jehowa witnesses and Slavs.